The bullets kept flying over our heads to the kopje behind us, where some of our burghers lay firing at the enemy. Every now and again a bullet exploded in our neighbourhood with the noise of a pistol-shot. I fancy only Dum-Dums make that peculiar noise. We had already seen many such bullets taken from the enemy by our burghers in the Battle of Modderspruit.

"Hear how that bullet sang?" questioned the Frenchman. "It was notched a notched slug, you understand. That is a familiar trick with these dog-people of the Beni Harb. Sometimes, if they have poison, they dip the notched slug in that too. And, ah, what a wound one makes! Dum-dums are a joke beside such!" Another shot sounded. Many cracked out along the dune.

I rubbed off the ends of five of my cartridges, thus making dum-dums out of them, a sufficiently intelligible argument for so unwelcome a guest. Putting on my coat I went to the place where I had first met the bear and where there were many ant-hills. I made a detour of the whole mountain, looked in all the ravines but nowhere found my caller.

He will be in no mood for further enterprise for some time to come." He dreaded lest any of the Dyaks should be only badly wounded and likely to live. It was an actual relief to his nerves to find that the improvised Dum-dums had done their work too well to permit anxiety on that score. On the principle that a "dead Injun is a good Injun" these Dyaks were good Dyaks.

For a long time he lay sleepless, watching the stars the flaming eyes of the beasts of prey surrounding Goro, the moon Goro, by whose light the apes danced to the beating of their earthen drums. If Goro should be eaten by Numa there could be no more Dum-Dums. Taug was overwhelmed by the thought. He glanced at Tarzan half fearfully. Why was his friend so different from the others of the tribe?

"You ride along this edge, so they won't scatter we ought to be grazin' 'em along, by rights; only you seem to be in such an all-fired rush " "You go on and tell that loco son-of-a-gun over there what he's up against," Andy urged. "Blank cartridges I sure do like that! If you only knew it, high power dum-dums would be a lot closer to our brand. Run along I am in a kinda hurry, this morning."

"'Remember the old boy you were talking to this morning? asked Ted between two mouthfuls of dum-dums that's beans, Uncle Bill. I 'lowed I remembered the old boy; in fact he'd stuck in my mind all day. "'Well, Ted went on, 'he's a ring-tailed snorter.

Dum-dums sang their deadly way to the Verona and tore gaping wounds in the breasts of mere boys an added reward by the industrial lords for their first season of hard labor in the scorching harvest fields.

The others had disappeared towards the locality where their leader and his diminished troupe were gathered, not daring to again come within range of the whistling Dum-dums. The sailor, holding his rifle as though pheasant-shooting, bent forward and sought a belated opponent, but in vain. In military phrase, the terrain was clear of the enemy.