He appointed long-tailed, ring-tailed and other monkeys to be his officials and counselors, servants and retainers, and they led a blissful life on the Mountain, sleeping by night in their cave castle, keeping away from birds and beasts, and their king enjoyed untroubled happiness. In this way some three hundred years went by.

But be not hard upon her. The fault is with the grasshopper and the ring-tailed cat. Me, I am Ai-kut, the first man; but question not my taste. I was the first man, and this, I saw, was the first woman. Where there is but one choice, there is not much to choose. Adam was so circumstanced. He chose Eve. Yo-to-to-wi was the one woman in all the world for me, so I chose Yo-to-to-wi."

They can feed their fill on fricasees of macaca worms and steal without punishment teal or ring-tailed pigeons and black crabs from the massa." "But they are not free. They are atoms in heaps of dust. They have no rights no liberties." Sheila was agitated, but she showed no excitement. She seemed to Lord Mallow like one who had perfect control of herself, and was not the victim of anticipation.

There is, I am told, a lady walking in the foreground with a ring-tailed monkey, and the tail is said to be three yards long."

We are not acquainted with the general appearance of a "ring-tailed roarer;" in fact, we have grave doubts as to whether such an animal exists at all; but if it does, and is particularly wild, dishevelled, and fierce in deportment, there is no doubt whatever that when Mr Kennedy applied the name to his hopeful son, the application was singularly powerful and appropriate.

And these iniquities apply not only to the great anthropoids whose strength and grossness we might legitimately fear, but to the most delicately organized types to the Barbary Ape, the Lemur, and the Ring-tailed Baboon. Finally and this is the worst feature in the whole matter a Monkey, by a legal fiction at least as old as the fourteenth century, is not a person in the eye of the law.

We have only two species of the genuine eagle in this country, the bald, or American, and the golden, or ring-tailed. The latter is very rare, for their majesties are not fond of society, even of their own kind, and two nests are seldom found within thirty miles of each other. The bald eagle has been common enough, and I have shot many.

These are all small and consist of the well-known raccoon, the coatis, the ring-tailed bassaris and the kinkajou, all differing from bears in varying details of tooth and other structures.

There is, I am told, a lady walking in the foreground with a ring-tailed monkey, and the tail is said to be three yards long."

I saw that by his glowing eye and heightened colour. "And when do you sail?" I inquired joyfully. "In half an hour; so get aboard, boys, and don't give so much tongue. I've other matters to mind just now. Come, be off!" We retreated precipitately to the door. "What's her name?" inquired Jack, looking back. "`The Ring-tailed Smasher," cried the captain, fiercely. "The what?"