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FOOTNOTES: The story was thus told by Diderot, to Sir Samuel Romilly, when a young man: 'Je vous dirai un trait de lui, mais il vous sera un peu scandaleux peut-être, car vous autres Anglais, vous croyez un peu en Dieu; pour nous autres, nous n'y croyons guères. Hume dîna dans une grande compagnie avec le baron D'Holbach. Il était assis

Out of all the women who have done housework for so many ages, surely it's not too much to expect one to have a special genius for it!" Her mother gazed at her with loving admiration. "That's just what you have, Dina a special genius for housework. I wish there were more of you!" "There are plenty of me, mother dear, only they haven't come out.

I know that people who say what I have just said are not popular. We prefer those who, like Dina, veil what they know by a false sentiment of sham delicacy and misplaced pity. Listen carefully to these commonplace, but true words. C deserts you. Write him a letter full of pride and withdraw with honour. I am very sorry for M . C will leave Europe in three days.

Later, when night had quite fallen, Lazarus, the widow of Naim, Dina the Samaritan woman, and Mara of Suphan, came from Bethania, and then, once more, descriptions were given of all that had taken place, and many tears shed. She was the daughter of an uncle, on the father's side, of St. Peter.

And after this he finished for Cristofano Rinieri a picture with the Rape of Dina that had been likewise left incomplete by the same Fra Bartolommeo; and he painted another picture like it, which was sent to France.

But let us look at Pillars of Society. Here we have to be placed in possession of a whole antecedent drama: the intrigue of Karsten Bernick with Dina Dorf's mother, the threatened scandal, Johan Tönnesen's vicarious acceptance of Bernick's responsibility, the subsidiary scandal of Lona Hessel's outburst on learning of Bernick's engagement to her half-sister, the report of an embezzlement committed by Johan before his departure for America.

I was with her at Spa and, besides, I am used to my aunt. Oh! torture! Imagine the tediousness of a journey in Italy. Mamma and Dina do not know Italian. I refused to use my tongue; I can scarcely use my limbs. By dint of complaining because I was not with my aunt, and saying: "Who asked you to come with us? I ought to go with my aunt. Why do you come with me?"

"Broken, Dina," her Mother would gently correct, while he demanded, "How did you break it?" and scolded her for her careless tomboy ways. Slates three, $1.50 they were all down. And slates didn't cost so much come to think of it, even the red-edged ones, wound with black, that she always wanted.

The other women, such as Marone of Naim, Dina the Samaritaness, and Mara the Suphanitess, were at Bethania, with Martha and Lazarus.

You advise me to brazen the dina giacca out, to swagger it off?" "I don't understand, Signorino," said Marietta. "To understand is to forgive," said he; "and yet you can't trifle with English servants like this, though they ought to understand, ought n't they? In any case, I 'll be guided by your judgment. I'll wear my dina giacca, but I'll wear it with an air!