Bulge he's a wine merchant; there's Benjamin Brownlet a horse dealer; and Kitson, the pig breeder; and Yopper, the auctioneer; besides maltsters, and millers and so on." Farfrae stood out quite distinctly now; but she did not mention him. The Saturday afternoon slipped on thus desultorily.

Why don't you sit upstairs, ma'am?" "Why don't I?" said Bathsheba, desultorily. "It isn't worth while there's a fire here, Liddy." She suddenly exclaimed in an impulsive and excited whisper, Have you heard anything strange said of Fanny?" The words had no sooner escaped her than an expres- sion of unutterable regret crossed her face, and she burst into tears.

Thus desultorily thinking he flung himself down upon the couch, which, as in many draughty old country houses, was constructed with a hood, being in fact a legitimate development from the settle. He tried to read as he reclined, but having sat up till three o'clock that morning, the book slipped from his hand and he fell asleep. It was at this time that Grace approached the house.

He had exchanged his borrowed uniform for civilian clothes, he had bestowed his belongings in the vehicle and he was standing about desultorily waiting for the hour of departure. The diligence would not arrive at Ostend till five o'clock in the morning: then with the tide the packet would go out, getting into London well after midday.

So walking, and so desultorily talking, they came out on a noble white highway that wound for miles along the bluffy edge of the upland overlooking the valley upon the one side, fronted by handsome residences on the other. It was Johnnie's first view of a big valley, a river, or a city.

"My gracious lord will be footsore the way is long and ill-paved " he muttered, half audibly, even as he made his way to the rear of the bosquet of lilies where a group of slaves stood waiting desultorily. Anon he returned carrying a mantle of dark woollen stuff, and Taurus Antinor, having wrapped himself in this, slowly turned to walk down the hill.

But it is in that general and moral view, in which ignorance in the lower orders is beheld the cause of their vice, irreligion, and consequent misery, that the subject is attempted, imperfectly and somewhat desultorily, to be illustrated in the following pages.

And there she had stayed; while the friend of her girlhood, whose baby was called for her, heard from her but desultorily. "Your godmother has come back," said Mary Alice's mother, her voice trembling with excitement; "she's in New York. And she wants you to come and see her." For a moment, visions swam before Mary Alice's eyes. Then, "How kind of her!" she said, bitterly; and turned away.

You could read one of the brief lyrics and let the book slide down on to your knee and enjoy the quivering blue and gold, and soft, murmurous, chirruping sounds of the summer's day, while your mind played round the idea embodied in the poem. She turned the pages idly, skimming desultorily through the verses till she came to a brief two-verse lyric which caught and held her interest.

He jumped the fence and got away on me, day before yesterday. I'd like to catch him up again. He'll make a good horse." Al had not seen the bay, and the talk tapered off desultorily to a final "So-long, see yuh later." Lone rode on, careful not to look back. So she was Brit Hunter's girl!