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His diffidence had left him, and he was beginning to realise how safe and easy depravity can seem once one has the courage to begin. "The six dead birds were Minorcas; the seventh was a Houdan with a mop of feathers all over its eyes. It could hardly see the snake at all, so of course it wasn't mesmerised like the others.

Bachelor Bluff: his Opinions, Sentiments, and Disputations. I believe that I have found, if not original sin, at least vegetable total depravity in my garden; and it was there before I went into it. It is the bunch-, or joint-, or snake-grass, whatever it is called. As I do not know the names of all the weeds and plants, I have to do as Adam did in his garden, name things as I find them.

You needn't go to the low slums of London, needn't smuggle yourself round with detectives into the back dens of big cities if you want to see "sights" of poverty and depravity; you can have them nearer home at home in the murky streets, sinister courts, crowded houses, dim cellars, and noisy drinking dens of St. Saviour's district.

Involuntarily the Boy shivered. "I came to see the Father Superior." He dropped back into a chair. "The Father Superior is busy." "I'll wait." "And very tired." "So'm I." " worn out with the long raging of the plague. I have waited till he is less harassed to tell him about the Pymeuts' deliberate depravity.

Buckingham, Rochester, and the troop of courtiers who looked to them for an example, spent their lives in sinking into an ever deeper depravity. Their thoughts and mouths were never clean. The verses they wrote are too foul to transcribe as an illustration of the taste of their composers.

It was very generally believed at the time that this destruction was the work of Nero himself, the fruit of his reckless and willful depravity.

As usual he grew depressed when speaking of social Red Gap, so that we did not tarry long in the silent place that should have been quite alive with people smartly having their tea. As we drove back he touched briefly and with all delicacy on our changed relations. "What made me only too glad to consent to it," he said, "is the sodden depravity of that Floud chap.

The keeper said that it brought forth two young ones at a birth, and then took them into its stomach again, until they arrived at years of discretion. And there was the laughing hyæna, who cries in the wood like a human being in distress, and devours those who come to his assistance a sad instance of the depravity of human nature, as the keeper observed.

Why should they be weary and heavy-laden with a sense of their unworthiness before God, and you go through life indifferent and light-hearted? Are they deluded in respect to the doctrine of human depravity, and are you in the right? Think you that the deathbed and the day of judgment will prove this to be the fact?

To talk about the infirmity or depravity of the human conscience is here quite irrelevant. To disparage the internally vouchsafed power of discerning truth without the Bible or other authoritative system, is, to endeavour to set up a universal moral scepticism. He who may not criticize cannot approve. Well!