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The latter stepped forward, and greeted Osman with friendly words; he then turned, and fixed his dark-gray eyes on the young man who stood beside him, awaiting his deferential salutation. But Mohammed did not salute him. He still stood erect, his arms folded on his breast, beside his friend's couch. The pacha slowly turned to the governor. "Tell me, tschorbadji, who is this person?

At last he had worked himself so high up the elm, and the mist had so thickened, that he could only just be discerned as a dark-gray spot on the light-gray sky: he would have been altogether out of notice but for the stroke of his billhook and the flight of a bough downward, and its crash upon the hedge at intervals. It was not to be done thus, after all: plainness and candor were best.

When he re-entered the shop he found the shop woman and Capitola returned and waiting for him. Capitola was indeed transfigured. Her bright black hair, parted in the middle, fell in ringlets each side her blushing cheeks; her dark-gray eyes were cast down in modesty at the very same instant that her ripe red lips were puckered up with mischief.

High boots and breeches, a thick felt hat that will turn the edge of a sword, and a loose coat-jacket of dark-gray cloth. Here is the name of the tailor who has got the pattern, and will make them. So I should advise you to go to him at once, for he will be so busy soon that there is no saying when the whole troop will get their uniforms."

But my advice is, 'kill the poor creature at once." Miss Betsy Barker dried her eyes, and in a few hours the whole town turned out to see the Alderney meekly going to her pasture, clad in dark-gray flannel. Do you ever see cows dressed in gray flannel in London? On that day was born the respect of the Cranford ladies for Captain Brown.

They pursue each other, whirling and wheeling around, with many a jocund downward dip, splashing the spray in jets of diamonds and then off they swoop, with slanting wings and graceful flight, sometimes so near me I can plainly see their dark-gray feather-bodies and milk-white necks.

They were still in deep mourning, for Miss Mildmay's ideas on such subjects were 'old-fashioned, and she quite recognised that the late Mrs Denison's memory should be treated with the fullest respect. But Jacinth sympathised with Frances's feelings. 'I was looking at our dark-gray frocks with Phebe the other day, she said. 'The ones we had new just before before our mourning.

"Good-morrow, friends," spoke a soft voice, and from behind some bushes a feminine form arose, whether maid or matron could not be determined at once, so voluminous were her wrappings. Her whole exterior, as well as her speech, showed that she belonged to the Society of Friends. A long cloak of dark-gray superfine cloth enveloped her form completely.

Buxton thought what a pretty contrast they made; Erminia, dazzlingly fair, with her golden ringlets, and her pale-blue frock; Maggie's little round white shoulders peeping out of her petticoat; her brown hair as glossy and smooth as the nuts that it resembled in color; her long black eye-lashes drooping over her clear smooth cheek, which would have given the idea of delicacy, but for the coral lips that spoke of perfect health: and when she glanced up, she showed long, liquid, dark-gray eyes.

He was suggestive of no acquaintance with Tarde, Lombroso or any other authorities on crime and criminals. "Won't you sit down?" invited Bristow. The new-comer was tall and slender. In spite of a straight, high-bridged nose and thin lips, his face indicated weakness. His dark-gray eyes had in them either a great deal of worry or undisguised fear.

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