The dogs were secured by several domestics, and we advanced. "Quien es?" inquired Don Cosme. "Papa! papa! es el capitan!" "Do not be alarmed, Senorita," said I, approaching. "Oh! you are safe you are safe! papa, he is safe!" cried both the girls at once; while Don Cosme exhibited his joy by hugging my comrade and myself alternately.

The caves, the founts that fall From the high mountain wall, That fall and flash and fleet, Wilh silver fret. Only a laurel tree Shall guard the grave of me; Only Apollo's bough Shall shade me now! Far other has been thy sepulchre: not in the free air, among the field flowers, but in thy priory of Saint Cosme, with marble for a monument, and no green grass to cover thee.

The effect of the capture of Pemaquid by d'Iberville and the repulse of the English by Villebon greatly encouraged the savages of Acadia in their hostility and the following summer another raid on the English settlements was planned. A large number of Micmacs came from the eastward, some of them from the Basin of Minas, with St. Cosme, their priest, at their head.

In his capacity of quarter-master he had already picked up a little Spanish enough to hold Don Cosme in check over the wine; while Clayley and myself, with "Lupe" and "Luz", walked out into the verandah to "take a peep at the moon". Her light was alluring, and we could not resist the temptation of a stroll through the gardens.

At the point where both road and aqueduct turn at right angles from north to east, there was not only one of these parapets supplied by one gun and infantry supports, but the houses to the north of the San Cosme road, facing south and commanding a view of the road back to Chapultepec, were covered with infantry, protected by parapets made of sandbags.

Such were my reflections and half-uttered expressions as I slowly led my soldiers through the tangled path. Don Santiago's age and his appearance were the creations of a jealous fancy. I had bidden adieu to my new acquaintances knowing nothing of Don Santiago beyond the fact that he was an officer on board the Spanish ship of war, and a relation of Don Cosme. "Oh, yes! Don Santiago is on board!

"But your soldiers, Capitan?" added he, stopping suddenly. "They will remain here," I rejoined. "Permit me to send them some dinner." "Oh! certainly," replied I; "use your own pleasure, Don Cosme, but do not put your household to any inconvenience." In a few minutes we found our way to the house, which was neither more nor less than the cage-looking structure already described.

By orders of the Grand Duke of Mecklenburg, to whose army these forces belonged, the French were followed to La Ferte-Bernard; and whilst one German column then went west towards Saint Cosme, another advanced southward to Vibraye, thus seriously threatening Le Mans. Such was the position on November 23.

Before the San Cosme Gate the pioneers were ordered up, and within the suburb pick and crowbar forced a passage from house to house. The guns, moving slowly forward, battered the crumbling masonry at closest range.

Cosme, who travelled under his escort in 1699, says of him: "He is beloved by all the voyageurs." ... "It was with deep regret that we parted from him: ... he is the man who best knows the country: ... he is loved and feared everywhere.... Your grace will, I doubt not, take pleasure in acknowledging the obligations we owe him."