Bruen and her family, and Professor Shields and many others speak to me as if I was quite a friend, because of my relationship to Hedley! Isn't this curious after thirty years?

The poet, Owen Hanrahan, under a bush of may Calls down a curse on his own head because it withers grey; Then on the speckled eagle cock of Ballygawley Hill, Because it is the oldest thing that knows of cark and ill; And on the yew that has been green from the times out of mind By the Steep Place of the Strangers and the Gap of the Wind; And on the great grey pike that broods in Castle Dargan Lake Having in his long body a many a hook and ache; Then curses he old Paddy Bruen of the Well of Bride Because no hair is on his head and drowsiness inside.

Nicholas's vivacity of temperament made him feel the loss of his cousin at first very keenly, but it soon wore off. He vowed amendment and reformation on the model of John Bruen, whose life offered so striking a contrast to his own, that it has very properly been placed in opposition by a reverend moralist; but I regret to say that he did not carry out his praiseworthy intentions.

He was apt to make a joke of John Bruen, instead of imitating his example. He professed to devote himself to his excellent wife but his old habits would break out; and, I am sorry to say, he was often to be found in the alehouse, and was just as fond of horse-racing, cock-fighting, hunting, fishing, and all other sports, as ever.

It also was a watchhouse, for a certain old Michael Bruen, who had been a smuggler in his day, and was still the father and grandfather of smugglers, lived there, and when, after nightfall, a tall schooner crept over the bay from Roughley, it was his business to hang a horn lanthorn in the southern window, that the news might travel to Dorren's Island, and from thence, by another horn lanthorn, to the village of the Rosses.

These Punans had been encountered at some distance from kampong Bruen, higher up the river, and, according to reports, made up the entire nomadic population of the lower Kayan River. They actually seemed to hate the sun, and next day when it broke through the mist for a little while they all sought shelter in the shade of trees.

Bruen, among other things, spoke of spiritualism, and said she knew from personal experience there was much truth in it. Bruen and her two daughters and this lady medium. A table at the end of the room would suddenly tilt up and rap. A large dining room table would tilt up, while all the things arranged for dinner on it would remain immovable the lady not touching it.

On the 30th July he arrived at Bruen in Moravia, where his friend Maximilian-Joseph, Count Lamberg gave him, among other letters of recommendation, a letter addressed to Jean-Ferdinand Opiz, Inspector of Finances and Banks at Czaslau, in which he wrote: "A celebrated man, M. Casanova, will deliver to you, my dear friend, the visiting card with which he is charged for Mme. Opiz and yourself.

The majority was at first announced to be 204, but it was afterwards found to be 214. Colonel Acton, Sir H.W. Barron, T. Bateson, Viscount Bernard, M.J. Blake, Sir A.B. Brooke, Colonel Bruen, W.M. Bunbury, P.J. Butler, Lord J.L. Chichester, Hon.

Perkins, a married daughter of dear Mrs. Bruen, and a masterful kind of person, has called on me, and upon my making some such remark as the foregoing, she exclaimed, "I don't like that at all! Before the war we used to like being taken for English, but now we don't, How would you like to be taken for an American?"