"I have just had an invitation to a surprise party at Brodies', and wouldn't care to miss it." Alex agreed willingly. "I'll be right in line then for the latest news of the chase," he declared.

The Brodies had been tenant farmers in East Lothian for six or seven generations, though they originally came from the north. My grandfather Brodie thought abrogation of the Corn Laws meant ruin for the farmers, who had taken 19 years' leases at war prices.

There was an absurd idea current in 1865 that all visiting Australians were rich and I could not disabuse people of that notion. Of all the two families of Brodies and Spences who came out in 1839 there was only my brother John who could be called successful. He was then manager of the Adelaide branch of the English, Scottish, and Australian Bank.

There is not a more quarrelsome dress than a tartan kilt and I'm thinking the Brodies were ill friends with the Macraes in the old days." "The Brodies are not Highlanders." "You are a shamefully ignorant man, Ian Macrae. The Brodies came from Moray, and are the only true lineal descendants of Malcolm Thane of Brodie in the reign of Alexander the Third, lawful King of Scotland.

What do you think of the Brodies now?" "The Macrae doffs his bonnet to them; but " "If you say another word, the McLeod will be out of it sure and final." So Ian laughingly left the room, and Mistress Brodie walked to the window and watched him speeding towards the town. "He is a wonderful lad!" she said to herself. "And I wish he was my lad! Oh why were all my bairns lasses?

Sent cakes as presents to Mrs Bambray and Mrs Dunlop. March 12 All tired after the week's sugar-making. Surprising what a quantity was made, due to the Aulds and Brodies helping, who got their share. March 18 Have had no sugar-weather this week; frosty with strong winds, and some snow. Allan, with help of Mr Auld, began hauling boards from sawmill, which we will need for barns.

My brother David inherited all the Conservatism of the Brodies for generations back. Greatly interested in all abstruse problems and abstract questions he had various schemes for the regeneration of mankind. Two opposing theories concerning the working of bi-cameral Legislatures supplied me with material for a Review article.

Galton's theory, that potentialities not utilized by individuals or by their direct descendants may miss a generation or two, opens a wide field of thought, and collaterals may draw from the original source what was never suspected. And the Brodies intermarried in such a way as to shock modern ideas. When my father was asked if a certain Mr.