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And we have already said of it, as much as is requisite to our present purpose. But the Colours of consistent Pigments, not being those which the Preamble of this Experiment has lead you to expect Examples in, I shall take the instances I am now to give you, rather from Liquors than Dry Bodyes.

Thus in Drayton's Polyolbion, xi., p. 864 we find "These with the Saxons went, and fortunately wan, Whose Captain Hengist first a Kingdom here began." lesse a great deale, then ydle lokyng on before tyme had done. Shortly crepte in sickenes, and diseases, and the broyling heate and the nipping cold began to assaile their bodyes.

My sight is not so precious as my brother: If there be any goodnes in one man He's Lord of that; his vertues are full seas Which cast up to the shoares of the base world All bodyes throwne into them: he's no drunkard; I thinke he nere swore oath; to him a woman Was worse than any scorpion, till he cast His eye on Eleonora: and therefore, sir, I hope it is not so. Pedro. Was not she so? Man.

His disgust, however, arises principally from the fact that the "mummie" prepared by the apothecaries must have been derived "from the carcases of the basest people of Egypt; for the nobelmen and cheefe of the province, so religiously addicted to the monuments of their ancestors, would never suffer the bodyes of their friends and kindred to be transported hither for filthy gaine and detested use."

Brasil. lib 1. in fine. Purchas Pilgrim. Chap. Sect 5. Purchas. Ibid. Purchas Ibid. in fin The way, Pyrophilus, of producing Whiteness by Chymical Præcipitations is very well worth our observing, for thereby Bodyes of very Differing Colours as well as Natures, though dissolv'd in Several Liquors, are all brought into Calces or Powders that are White.

And such as of these buds would full-blown roses make, put them in warm water a little space, or else in the stove, and then with tiny brush and soft, wetted in Rhenish wine, do coax them till they ope their folds. And some perfume them with rose-water. For, alack, their smell it is fled with the summer; and only their fair bodyes lie withouten soul, in tomb of clay, awaiting resurrection.

Thus in his studies of generation, he made observations and also performed certain simple chemical experiments. Noting that "Naturall bodyes doe variously discover themselves by congelation," Browne studied experimentally the chemical properties of those substances providing the raw material of development.

And so, whereas it is much doubted by Some Modern Chymists to what sort of Salt, that which is Prædominant in Quick-lime belongs, we have been perswaded to referr it rather to Lixiviate than Acid Salts, by having observ'd, that though an Evaporated Infusion of it will scarce yield such a Salt, as Ashes and other Alcalizate Bodyes are wont to do, yet if we deprive our Nephritick Tincture of its Blewness by just so much Distill'd Vinegar as is requisite to make that Colour Vanish, the Lixivium of Quick-lime will immediately upon its Affusion recall the Banished Colour; but not so Powerfully as either of the Sulphureous Liquors formerly mention'd.

The litle ones doe exercise themselves about such cruelties; they deck the bodyes all over with hard straw, putting in the end of this straw, thornes, so leaves them; now & then gives them a litle rest, and sometimes gives them fresh watter and make them repose on fresh leaves. They also give them to eat of the best they have that they come to themselves againe, to give them more torments.

And thanne, for the love and in worschipe of that ydole, and for the reverence of the feste, thei slen himself, a 200 or 300 persones, with scharpe knyfes, of the whiche thei bryngen the bodyes before the ydole; and than thei seyn, that tho ben seyntes, because that thei slowen hemself of here owne gode wille, for love of here ydole.

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