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I shall never forget Viola's coming in with Jevons behind her. She was, as I think I've said, a beautifully-made woman, with long limbs and superb shoulders, and a way of holding her small head high. She was like the Victory of Samothrace; she was like a guardian and avenging angel; she was like a ship in full sail breasting a sea.

"Here are some of the properties," said Thorndyke. He pointed to a peg from which hung a long, blue silk gown of Chinese make, a mandarin's cap, with a pigtail attached to it, and a beautifully-made papier-m

"Maiden sweet and small, Hutzelbein I call; Hutzelbein's little dog, Creep about and see; Bring the great box to me." Then the little frog went and brought the box. Afterwards they gave the princess food and drink, and took her to a beautifully-made bed, all of silk and velvet; she laid herself in it, and slept peacefully.

Then they unbound the little boy from her back, and held him to her breast that he might feed, and laid him in a beautifully-made little bed. Then said the poor woman, "From whence knowest thou that I was a queen?" The white maiden answered, "I am an angel sent by God, to watch over thee and thy child."

This was my young friend Kabba Rega's idea of happiness to go to sleep drunk, assisted by the strains of self-playing melody. Of course, the large musical box was asked for; and, of course, I promised to give it as a present from the Khedive of Egypt, if I found that Kabba Rega conducted himself properly. A small and beautifully-made revolver, with seven chambers, now attracted his attention.

The evening sun shed its last rays over a little town on the lake-shore, and its newly-painted tiles shone brightly in its light beams. While the ship descended through the many locks, we visited the neighbouring church of the village of Vretakloster, which contains the skeletons of several kings in beautifully-made metal coffins.

Horatio Sparkins, ma,’ replied Miss Marianne, with a sigh. ‘Oh! yes, to be sureHoratio Sparkins,’ said Mrs. Malderton. ‘Decidedly the most gentleman-like young man I ever saw. I am sure in the beautifully-made coat he wore the other night, he looked likelike—’ ‘Like Prince Leopold, maso noble, so full of sentiment!’ suggested Marianne, in a tone of enthusiastic admiration.

Beautifully-made mats and wooden bowls formed the only furniture in these dwellings, some of the mats being trimmed with red feathers, while others resembled shaggy white wool rugs, which, on closer inspection, proved to be made from the bark of a dwarf hibiscus, with which the islands abound, bearing a bright red flower.

The furniture consisted simply of a quantity of beautifully-made mats, to answer the purpose of tables and chairs, carpets, beds, and bedding, while gourds of many sizes, and pieces of bamboo, supplied us with our cooking and mess utensils. Eva surveyed our abode with unfeigned delight. "We might be perfectly happy here, I am sure, all the days of our lives," she exclaimed.

These were the breeding-places of some small birds that had their beautifully-made nests a couple of feet or so above the water, attached in some cases to single, in others to two or three, rush stems.