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It abstracts a fragment of one's anatomy, so that, had General Bambos been placed on a delicate pair of scales immediately before and after his nipping, there would have been an appreciable difference in his weight. Since Major Starland himself had suffered from the fierce little pest, he understood what had befallen the other.

In the larder of the Yellow-winged Sphex, after the victualling is completed and the house shut up, two or three Crickets are sometimes found and sometimes four. "The Hunting Wasps": chapter 20; also "Bramble-bees and Others": chapter 9. "The Mason-wasps": chapter 1. "The Hunting Wasps": chapter 2. My notes abound in abstracts of this kind.

"Why does he not bring out his book, instead of marrying," said Sir James, with a disgust which he held warranted by the sound feeling of an English layman. "Oh, he dreams footnotes, and they run away with all his brains. They say, when he was a little boy, he made an abstract of 'Hop o' my Thumb, and he has been making abstracts ever since. Ugh!

Goodrich, who was a writer of the Andrews Norton class, soon perceived that Hawthorne could make better sentences than his own, and engaged him to write historical abstracts for his pitiful Peter Parley books, paying him a hundred dollars for the whole work, and securing for himself all the credit that appertained to it.

He knows that when the mind is engaged with several things, mind force is scattered. He cannot be a politician, a musician, etc., and at the same time an expert scientist. He gradually abstracts his attention from all other subjects and pauses it on one subject or one set of subjects. Pratyahara is the continued effort of the mind to so abstract itself.

Several theories have been brought forward to explain this phenomenon, but the true one is that the burner abstracts so much heat from the flame at that point that it is unable to burn there, and this can be proved by the fact that where a cold object touches the flame, a dividing space, similar to that noticed between flame and burner, will always be observed, and the colder the object and the more diluted the gas the greater is the observed space.

I get every year those very elaborate reports of Henle and Meissner volumes of, I suppose, 400 pages altogether and they consist merely of abstracts of the memoirs and works which have been written on Anatomy and Physiology only abstracts of them!

He had apparently here to fall back on his own feeble constructive power, and was hard put to it to eke out his material to the proportions of a book. So careless, too, is he that he abstracts references from his source that are meaningless.

His second was to examine the whole mass of foreign correspondence collected in the State Department of the confederation, and he did this, as has been said, pencil in hand, making notes and abstracts as he went. It was well worth doing, for he learned much, and from this laborious study and thorough knowledge certain facts became apparent, for the most part of a hard and unpleasant nature.

There are some very diffusive books, difficult because diffusive, of which it is well to write close digests, if you are really studying them. When we read John Locke, for instance, in college, we had to make abstracts, and we used to stint ourselves to a line for one of his chatty sections. That was good practice for writing, and we remember what was in the sections to this hour.