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There was a case brought in last night, it might have been a fiddle. Brr Ivanovitch, go for it. No. 17,369, in the third compartment, by the wall. That isn't a bad idea!" He rubbed his hands together and laughed, showing his teeth like a wolf: "There is only the one Velasco and I know a thing or two about music in spite of your impudence. You can't cheat me." He laughed loud and long.

And now the public being invited to the purchase of minor objects, it happened that the orator on the table was expatiating on the merits of a picture, which he sought to recommend to his audience: it was by no means so select or numerous a company as had attended the previous days of the auction. "No. 369," roared Mr. Hammerdown. "Portrait of a gentleman on an elephant.

It was with difficulty we could raise fires; we had no tents; our clothes were wet, no axes, nothing to cook with, and very little to eat. When we went to sleep it was on two logs laid close to each other, to keep our bodies from the damp ground. Good God! What a pliant being is man in adversity." * * Dawson. "William H. Harrison," p. 369.

In these three journals Steele was answerable for 510 papers; Addison for 369. Swift wrote two papers, and sent about a dozen fragments.

The brewery was sold for £135,000. See post, June 16, 1781. See post, paragraph before June 22, 1784. Baretti, in a MS. note on Piozzi Letters, i. 369, says that 'the two last years of Thrale's life his brewery brought him £30,000 a year neat profit. I could raise fifty of them within the four-and-twenty hours. I have raised many of them in one night.

During the lifetime of Henry II. of France, and of his successor, the force of these principles was somewhat restrained, though not altogether overcome, by motives of a superior interest; and the dread of uniting England with the French monarchy engaged Philip to maintain a good correspondence with Elizabeth. * Digges's Complete Ambassador, p. 369. Haynes, p. 585. Strype vol. iv. No. 246.

IV. p. 369. Amsterdam, 1733. Upon the reputed effects of baptism, and some anecdotes connected with the administration of this rite, see Humboldt's Political Essay on the Kingdom of New Spain, London, 1811, Vol. I. p. 165, note. Nouveau Voyage aux Isles de l'Amerique, A la Haye, 1724, Tom. V. p. 42.

During the school year, which closed the last of June, 1912, the Association, at a cost of thirteen thousand dollars, enrolled 29,369 school children under the standard bearing the inscription "Protect the Birds." The movement has continued to grow, and up to June 1, 1916, there had been formed 27,873 classes with a total membership of 559,840 children.

Swinton says that whether Meade should have attacked or not, "will probably always remain one of those questions about which men will differ." He inclines to think that Meade was right. Army of Potomac, 369, 370. Grant disliked Rosecrans, and is said to have asked for this change.

It appears at first sight a surprising circumstance that some closely- allied species should regularly undergo a double annual moult, and others only a single one. On the moulting of the ptarmigan, see Gould's 'Birds of Great Britain. On the honey-suckers, Jerdon, 'Birds of India, vol. i. pp. 359, 365, 369.