And was she the same Jerry who had wished on the Wishing-rock to just see the world which lay beyond her mountain? Didn't she want to go away again sometime, to college? And what would her mother say if she told her that? Jerry managed to lock away these tormenting thoughts while she and the girls were roaming Kettle.

The routine of Jerry's new life shaped into pleasant ways. She felt more like Jerry Travis and less like a dream-creature living in a golden world she had brought around her by wishing on a wishing-rock.

This is an Adventure to her; she's been dreaming about it all her life!" He told, then, about the Wishing-rock. "I tell you, Mary, there's some sort of spirit about the girl that's unusual! It must come from some fire of genius further back than her hermit-parents. I'm as certain as anything that there's a mystery about the child.

So I got to calling this my wishing-rock. Sometimes the wishes came true when they were just little things." "Well, it's funny if it wasn't some sort of magic that made Uncle Johnny get lost on Kettle and slip right down here in the glade when you were wishing! And your wish came true.

John Westley rode on for a few moments in deep silence, his mind on the young people he loved then suddenly it veered to the little girl he had found on the Wishing-rock, her eyes staring longingly out into a dream-world that lay beyond valley and mountain top. "I've an idea a corker!" he exclaimed, just as the Fly-by-day bounced into the grass-grown drive of Cobble House.

Though John Westley had come to Highacres that morning with an important matter on his mind and had, on a sudden impulse, begged Miss Lee to give him a half-hour that he might talk it over with her, he had to tell her, now, of Jerry and how he had found her standing on the Wishing-rock, visioning a wonderful world of promise that lay beyond her mountain.

Oh, surely the Wishing-rock had opened a wonderful new world to little Jerry! "Did you tell him it was your first party?" "Yes. Why?" "Oh nothing. I wouldn't have been honest 'nough to I'd have pretended I'd gone to lots." "I'm not going to the Frolic," Isobel broke in. "I'm too old for such things." Gyp straightened indignantly. "Too old to coast?

"Oh, let's all go I'll stand for the three of you!" Jerry would, of course, never know how very hard Mr. John had had to work to make her "wish" come true. Ever afterwards she preferred to think that it was just standing on the Wishing-rock and wishing and wishing! She had noticed, however, and had been a little curious, that every time Mr.

"I don't mean that money, mamsey, I mean having you and Sunnyside and Kettle and just knowing about our garden!" Three girls sat on the Wishing-rock, beating their heels against its mossy side. And the world stretched before them. It was the end of a momentous day momentous because so many things had been decided and such nice things! First, Uncle Johnny had said that he'd "fix" it with Mrs.

Then, as they turned from the rough country road into her "shining" road, which was, of course, the macadam highway, she looked back and up toward Kettle to see if she could catch a glimpse of Sunnyside or the Witches' Glade and the Wishing-rock. They were lost in a blaze of green and purple and brown. "Isn't it funny? If I was up there watching I'd see you moving like a speck!