Upon which reply, the other went to an escritoire, and taking out a bag, opened it and poured out a mass of gold, which made Vanslyperken's mouth water, but why he did so Vanslyperken did not give a thought, until having counted out fifty pieces, the gentleman very gracefully put them into his hand, observing, "A lieutenant's pay is not great, and we can afford to be generous.

"It was a fortunate thing that I thought of taking a pistol with me, corporal, I might have been murdered outright." "Yes, mynheer," replied the corporal, and binding the handkerchief round Vanslyperken's head, he then assisted him into bed. "Mein Gott!

At the sight of the king, Vanslyperken's confidence was again taking French leave. "My lords, I am waiting for you," said the king, with a little asperity of manner. "May it please your Majesty, here is Lieutenant Vanslyperken, commanding one of your Majesty's vessels, who states that he has important intelligence, and that he has possession of Jacobite papers."

And you a lieutenant? Five guineas, now, would be saying something." "Five guineas! why I have not so much money. Upon my soul I hav'n't." "Let us see," said one of the party, diving like an adept into Vanslyperken's trousers-pocket, and pulling out his purse. The money was poured out on the table, and twelve guineas counted out.

At last, an idea presented itself to Mr Vanslyperken's mind, which afforded him great comfort, which was, that the corporal had suffered so much from his boat adventures for the corporal had made the most of his sufferings that he was a little affected in his mind and had thought that he had seen something.

But a light is coming aft, and Vanslyperken is waiting the anticipated report. It is a solitary purser's dip, as they are termed at sea, emitting but feeble rays, and Vanslyperken's eyes are directed to the door of the cabin to see who carries it.

Strange and almost ridiculous as was the appeal, there was a seriousness and pathos in Vanslyperken's words and manner which affected those who were present like a gleam of sunshine: this one feeling, which was unalloyed with baser metal, shone upon the close of a worthless and wicked life.

So saying, and not feeling it very pleasant to continue a conversation in a snow-storm, Babette very unceremoniously slammed the door in Mr Vanslyperken's face, and left him to digest the communication with what appetite he might. Mr Vanslyperken, notwithstanding the cold weather, hastened from the door in a towering passion.

We shall pass over the passage without any further remarks than that the corporal was reinstated into Mr Vanslyperken's good graces that he appeared as usual to be harsh with the ship's company, and to oppress Smallbones more than ever; but this was at the particular request of the lad, who played his own part to admiration that Mr Vanslyperken again brought up the question of flogging Jemmy Ducks, but was prevented by the corporal's expressing his fears of a mutiny and had also some secret conference with the corporal as to his desire of vengeance upon Smallbones, to which Van Spitter gave a ready ear, and appeared to be equally willing with the lieutenant to bring it about.

Every soul of you shall be whipped at the cart's tail to-morrow." "Do you mean to insinuate that I am not a respectable person, sir?" said a fierce-looking virago, rubbing her fist against Vanslyperken's nose. "Smell that!" It was not a nosegay at all to the fancy of Mr Vanslyperken; he threw himself back, and his chair fell with him. The ladies laughed, and Mr Vanslyperken rose in great wrath.