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"Here are your broomsticks," an imp replied. "They've been in the place you know so long They smell of brimstone uncommon strong; But they've gained by being left alone, Just look, and you'll see how tall they've grown." And where is my cat? "a vixen squalled.

And they've helped me understand the immensity of the landscapes and the ideas out here, the big, throbbing, rough young life, and under it all, as Whitman says, "a meaning Democracy, American Democracy." Really it's been interesting, the jolliest time of my life, and it's got me all unsettled.

"Their valise came up by express last night." "Oh, we'll have to go up to the house," said Euphemia. "It won't do to stay away any longer." "Well," said Pomona, fanning herself with her apron, "if you know'd all I know, I don't think you'd think so." "What do you mean?" said Euphemia. "Well, ma'am, they've just settled down and taken possession of the whole place.

I mean the Companions. 'The whole half-dozen. They are very worried already about what has happened. She made me sound them in her presence, and they were quite ready to accept me as Greenmantle's successor. But they have their suspicions about what happened at the villa, and they've no love for the woman ... They'd follow me through hell if I bade them, but they would rather it was my own show.

Before you say anything more wait until you see what luck they've had. If I don't miss my guess we'll have fish enough for you now all right." Together they walked down the steep gangway to the swaying float. "If I can't get them at Diablo, I can't get them anywhere," exclaimed Dickie Lang. Then she shouted to the captain of the Curlew: "What luck, Jones?"

"Here you are," I said. Short story. 'Lady Mary's Mistake, by Sidney Price. How about that?" "That's it, Julian," he said dismally; "that's just it. Those three devils have pinched my job. They've learned the trick of the thing through reading my stuff, and now they're turning it out for themselves. They've cut me out. My market's gone. The editors and publishers won't look at me.

They've both been army men, and we won't disgrace the cloth by shooting them from behind. That's grace enough for rebels." The sergeant, saluting, is again about to go, only staying to catch some final words of direction. They are "In ten minutes I shall expect you to have everything ready. When you've got the stage set I shall myself appear upon it as an actor the Star of this pretty play!"

One of the finest things I ever "... "Not a dollar, not a nickel, not one red cent do you get out o' me, I says, and so he ups and "... "Yes, the baby makes four, they've lost now."... "Well, they got their raise, and they went in big."... "Yes, sir! Not a dollar to his name, and look at what "... "You wait!

"He says we won't be bothered; that we can have some huts to ourselves, away from the others, and that we can have the best food they've got. Fortunately they came prepared for a feast and as they've got mostly store victuals it may not be so bad." "Then you advise submitting quietly?" asked Mr. DeVere. "For a time, anyhow," replied Baldy. "But I haven't played all my hand yet.

Give us your private opinion on the way the third squadron went past. 'Trifle ragged, weren't they? G. A bigger set of tailors than the new draft I don't wish to see. They've given me more than my fair share knocking the squadron out of shape. It's sickening! M. When you're in command, you'll do better, young 'un. Can't you walk yet? Get my finger and try. G. Oh, no.