Then Happy Pete, as if he also were ashamed, came within reach of the wavering hands, and crouched low, to be looked over with ten slender finger tips. "He's awful beautiful!" exclaimed the boy. "His hair's softer'n silk, and his body's as warm as warm can be." Jinnie contemplated Happy Pete's points of beauty.

And then I met Dan Barry, and his voice was softer'n a girl's voice, and his eyes didn't hold no doubt of me. Me that had sneaked in on him at night and was goin' to kill him in his sleep because my chief had told me to! That was the Dan Barry what I first knew.

The showman grasped the selectman by the coat-lapel and demanded earnestly: "Didn't you figger it as I did, when you got so you could set up and take notice, that she wasn't all right in her head?" "Softer'n a jelly-fish!" declared the Cap'n, with unction. "Then she's got crazier, and up all of a sudden and followed us and don't care which one she gets!"

She was giving him the best of all the vittles, and used to set at the table and look at him, softer'n and sweeter'n a bucket of molasses. Used to walk 'longside of him, too, and look up in his face and smile. I could see that he noticed it and that it was worrying him a heap. One day he says to me: "''Edge, says he, 'I b'lieve that 'ere chromo of a Lobelia 'Ankins is getting soft on me.

I licked a man onct for sayin' 'gizzard-linen' before my mother, and gizzard-linin' aint half as coarse as grub. But he gits softer'n mush as he goes on. Listen: "'I rede every wun of 'em over till they're cleane wore out, and then I save the pieces, bekaze they cum from u. I rede them whenever Ime alone, and it seems to me that its yeres before another one comes.

You won't have nothin' to do hexcept tell off th' watches an' keep th' boys paintin'. Softer'n your fo'cs'l job, though you won't git no hextra pay wot about it?" "That goes with me," agreed Madden readily. "All right, you signal me about anything you don't understand. Make the men step, lively, same as if you was me." By this time the tug had slowed down a trifle and a boat put out from her.

It will make you forget her." "Her skin is softer'n satin, Tex." "Ay, but you'll never touch it again, Dan." "Her eyes are deeper'n a pool at night an' her hair is all gold like ripe corn." "You'll never look into her eyes again, Dan, and you'll never touch the gold of that hair." "God!" The word was hardly more than a whisper, but it brought Black Bart leaping to his feet.