Unlike the previous leads, this spoke with authority, named names, gave dates, and outlined sketchily but adequately the operations of the young man in very plausible prose.

These, so sketchily set down, are a few of the probable items credit and debit in the industrial situation which will await the soldier-workman emerging from the war.

"Men are expendable," Porter snapped. "The nation's safety is not." Again Crane glanced around. "Are the Russians really that far ahead?" Porter's eyes narrowed just a shade. "The Russians? Did you listen to the tape you mentioned?" "Only sketchily. I assumed " "The danger is far greater. A Senatorial committee was briefed on the thing.

So, all those who are educated, even most sketchily, speak French. The greater number of newspapers are in French; and notices, advertisements, and official announcements are printed in that language. It makes life in Salonika difficult.

Later in the day we passed gangs of Hun prisoners clumsy looking fellows, with flaxen hair and blue eyes, who seemed to be thanking God every minute with smiles that they were out of danger and on our side of the line. Late in the afternoon the engine jumped the rails; we were advised to wander off to a rest-camp, the direction of which was sketchily indicated.

But she unwound his arms, crying, "No, no, no!" He was enfolded by a sensation that they had instantly changed from friendly strangers to intimate lovers, as she said: "I don't understand it, Carl. I've never let a man kiss me like that. Oh, I suppose I've flirted, like most girls, and been kissed sketchily at silly dances.

The grill-room clock struck eleven with the respectful unobtrusiveness of one whose mission in life is to be ignored. When the flight of time should really have rendered abstinence and migration imperative the lighting apparatus would signal the fact in the usual way. Six minutes later Clovis approached the supper-table, in the blessed expectancy of one who has dined sketchily and long ago.

And then it was so late when we got here, we thought we wouldn't disturb you, specially as the drawing-room window wasn't bolted." "Bicycles outside," said Ursy, "they'll just have to be out at grass till morning. Oh, Tipsi-ipsi-poozie-woozy, how is you? Hope he behaved like the good little Tiptree that he is, Georgie?" "O yes, we made great friends," said Georgie sketchily.

Rumson called up that restaurant and had Wharton come to the phone. He asked his chief to wait until a letter he believed to be of great importance was delivered to him. He explained, but, of necessity, somewhat sketchily. "It sounds to me," commented his chief, "like a plot of yours to get a lunch up-town." "Invitation!" cried Rumson. "I'll be with you in ten minutes."

My voice, the touch of my hands made him shiver at first, as though with an unpleasant sensation. I have told him that I am a Beigian lady who has lost her loved ones and is alone in the world. He has told me his life story very sketchily, as if he desired to forget a hated past. . . . Never one disagreeable word about his former wife.