Read what the singing-women one to ten thousand of the suffering women tell us, and think of the griefs that die unspoken!

When the folk saw her thus attracted towards Bedreddin, they laughed and shouted and the singers raised their voices, whereupon he put his hand to his pocket and cast gold by handsful into the tambourines of the singing-women, who rejoiced and said, "Would this bride were thine!"

I guessed it I that had wasted my days with singing-women, such as poor 'Metta! Then I met you, and I knew. Yes, madam, you you, whose life to-night I had almost taken with a touch taught me that I had left women out of account. Ah, madam, if the world were twenty years younger! . . . Will you do me the honour to touch glasses and drink with me?" "Not on any account," said Miss Belcher, rising.

Then Shemsennehar chose out ten handmaids and ten singing-women to attend on them and dismissing the rest to their apartments, bade some of those who remained smite the lute. They did as she bade them and one of them sang the following verses: My soul be a ransom for him who returned my salute with a smile And revived in my breast the longing for union after despair!

Then he held a second bridal for his son, and the sound of the singing-women and players upon instruments of music ceased not for a whole month, during which time the tire-women stinted not to adorn the bride and display her in various dresses; and she tired not of the unveiling nor did they weary of gazing on her.

I love Harry, and I did not know how much until this hour" "Stop a bit, Stephen. When Harry grew up, and went into the army, your grandfather wasn't so satisfied with what he had done. 'Here's a fine property going to sharpers and tailors and Italian singing-women, he used to say; and he felt baddish about it.

So he mixed with the people and moved on with the bridal-procession; and as often as the singing-women stopped to collect largesse from the people, he put his hand into his pocket and finding it full of gold, took out a handful and threw it into the singers' tambourine, till it was full of dinars.

"But you must know how to use it. Leave me to deal with the child. There are really no singing-women left here; we have tried three, but they were all vulgar and ill taught. This girl, when she sings with Gorgo, has a voice that will go to the heart of the audience. What we want is to fire the crowd with enthusiasm, and she will help us to do it." "Well, well.

Then the Queen summoned the singing-women and there came ten maidens, as they were moons, bending all manner of musical instruments. Queen Lab crowned a cup and drinking it off, filled another and passed it to King Badr Basim, who took and drank; and they ceased not to drink till they had their sufficiency.

"Save on the street," answered I; "and with a pale, soft jack-pudding like Michael Texel! That was a sight, indeed." At which Helene laughed a merry little laugh well-pleased, too, the minx, as I could see. "What are courtships on the street to you, Sir Hugo," she returned, "with your 'Twinkle-Twankle' singing-women over the way, and Lord, how went it?