In Jack I find a son for my solitary age; in Margarita a daughter, the most tender as she is the most beautiful that the world contains. To close my aged eyes on seeing them unified, is, I repeat it, the one wish of, Honoured Señor, Your most obedient and humble servitor, MIGUEL PIETOSO. LAS ROSAS, June , 1898.

A few minutes later a servitor conducted the boys to an apartment where a meal was laid for them; and as soon as this was over they were joined by the steward, who requested them to set out with him at once, as there were many things to be done and but short time for doing them.

A servitor had already been sent to D'Aubusson to inform him that they were coming, and he advanced to meet them as they entered. "Welcome, Sir Gervaise!" he said.

Ivan heard his servitor inform the would-be condolers that his master had evidently gone out again. There were muffled good-byes and so silence. Twenty minutes later Sósha, dozing in his tiny kitchen, was roused by his master commanding tea at once, and enjoining him to let no one into the rooms that night. At the acknowledgment of this command, Ivan returned to his bedroom, to wait.

We would call no one a lobster without good and sufficient claws. No calamity so touches the common heart of humanity as does the straying of a little child. Their feet are so uncertain and feeble; the ways are so steep and strange. Major Griggs hurried down to the corner, and up the avenue into Billy's place. "Gimme a rye-high," he said to the servitor.

The actors find that out; he is admitted within the house as a "servitor" a call-boy, if you like; an apprentice, if you please.

The little girl from India was sitting on a big footstool looking on. "Here is Mr. Roach, Master Colin," said Mrs. Medlock. The young Rajah turned and looked his servitor over at least that was what the head gardener felt happened. "Oh, you are Roach, are you?" he said. "I sent for you to give you some very important orders."

"The signor retired to rest an hour ago," the man said. "Never mind that," Francis replied. "I am Francis Hammond, and I have important news to give him." As soon as the servitor recognized Francis' voice, he unbarred the door. "Have you news of the ladies?" he asked eagerly. "I have news which will, I hope, lead to something," Francis replied.

The panel behind slid noiselessly in its grooves, and I was conscious that a pair of eyes looked out at me. "You are the servant of the strange Doctor?" said the voice of the servitor, Sir Respectable. "That I am, as by this time you may have seen!" answered I, for I was in no mood of mere politeness.

A faithful, loyal devoted old servitor was McGann, yet Webb, as we have seen, had ever to watch his whiskey carefully lest the Irishman should see it, and seeing taste, and tasting fall. The store had orders from Mrs. McGann, countersigned by Webb, to the effect that her husband was never to have a drop.