The King, who was now in a hurry to marry Anne Boleyn, thought this such a good idea, that he sent for Cranmer, post haste, and said to LORD ROCHFORT, Anne Boleyn's father, 'Take this learned Doctor down to your country-house, and there let him have a good room for a study, and no end of books out of which to prove that I may marry your daughter. Lord Rochfort, not at all reluctant, made the learned Doctor as comfortable as he could; and the learned Doctor went to work to prove his case.

Now he felt in its fullest extent all the power she had over his heart, and he was upon the point of declaring his attachment to her, when malheureusement Sir Philip Baddely and Mr. Rochfort announced themselves by the noise they made on the staircase. These were the young men who had spoken in such a contemptuous manner at Lady Singleton's of the match-making Mrs. Stanhope and her nieces. Mr.

Clarence not being used to drink in a morning, though all his companions were, was much affected by the wine, and Rochfort proposed that they should take a turn in the park to cool Hervey's head. To Hyde-park they repaired; Sir Philip boasting, all the way they walked, of the superior strength of his head.

Kekewich, Walter Kitchener, Rawlinson, and Rochfort, with a number of small columns, were ready in the third week of March to endeavour to avenge Lord Methuen. The problem with which Lord Kitchener was confronted was a very difficult one, and he has never shown more originality and audacity than in the fashion in which he handled it.

Lord Belvedere was a man of fashion who much frequented St. Arthur Rochfort, and his family. It is said that some woman with whom Lord Belvedere had long been connected was determined to make mischief between him and his wife. Eight years after their marriage, Lady Belvedere was accused of adultery with Mr.

"Oh, damme! no 'tis a cursed bore; and yet there are some fine pictures: one in particular hey, Rochfort? one damned fine picture!" said Sir Philip. And the two gentlemen laughing significantly, followed Lady Delacour and Belinda into the rooms.

As the expectations of the whole nation had been raised to the highest pitch, the universal disappointment and indignation have arisen in proportion; and I question whether the ferment of men's minds was ever greater. Suspicions, you may be sure, are various and endless, but the most prevailing one is, that the tail of the Hanover neutrality, like that of a comet, extended itself to Rochfort.

"'Pon honour," said Rochfort, "the girl must be in love with Clary, for she minds you no more than if you were nobody." "I could make her sing to another tune, if I pleased," said Sir Philip; "but, damme, it would cost me too much a wife's too expensive a thing, now-a-days.

"Memorial History of Boston," iii, 77. Curwen's "Journal," 25. Current newspapers, quoted in Frothingham's "Siege," 114. "There was hardly a leading man among the rebels, in council, or in the field, but at a proper time, and by proper management, might have been bought." BURGOYNE to Lord Rochfort, June, 1775. Fonblanque's "Burgoyne," 149-150. Frothingham's "Siege," 101.

"Dine with me, Clarence," said Rochfort, "and we'll crown you with three times three; and," whispered he to Sir Philip, "we'll have another trial after dinner." "But as it's not near dinner-time yet what shall we do with ourselves till dinner-time?" said Sir Philip, yawning pathetically.