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Psychometry is frequently employed to describe underground or "mine" conditions existing at the present time at the particular place from which a particular piece of ore or mineral has been taken, which ore or mineral has been handed the psychometrist to be used as the connecting link.

As many practical miners know from actual experience, many valuable coal, zinc, lead, silver and gold mines have been successfully located in this way. In such cases the psychometrist has been able to follow up the psychic "scent" given by the piece of mineral, and thus to describe the strata or veins of the mineral lying underground and unopened by the pick or drill. Psychic Detective Work.

Not merely as actor and spieler, promoter and inventor and soldier and daring journalist, have I played my rôle, but also I am a mystic, an initiate, a clairaudient, a psychometrist, a Rosicrucian adept, and profoundly psychic in fact, my guide is Hermes Trismegistus himself! I also hold a degree as doctor of mento-practic, and my studies in astro-biochemistry " "Gonna stop. All off.

"The person who sits for the psychometrist for a 'reading' should not be antagonistic nor frivolous, neither should he desire special information, nor concentrate his thought forces upon any given point, as otherwise he may dominate the psychic and thus mislead him into perceiving only a reflex of his own hopes or fears.

They had some difficulty in selecting a psychometrist so numerous were those who advertised, in an equally alluring manner but they at length decided in favour of Madame Elvita, whose consulting rooms were in New Bond Street. When they arrived there, Madame Elvita was, of course, engaged. Shiel was delighted it gave him an extra half-hour with Gladys.

A ring, for instance, which has been in the family for generations, and handed from one wearer to another in the course of years, may afford such a blending of psychic vibrations that the psychometrist may be unable to sense distinctly each distinct stratum of influence therein. Psychometric Readings.

Psychometric "Getting in Touch." "A psychometrist may, by holding a letter in his hand, or putting it to his forehead, be able to perceive and delineate the personal appearance of the writer thereof, and, in a way, to 'take on' his conditions, describe his feelings and thoughts to such an extent as to identify himself with him and to feel, for the time being, as if he, himself, were the writer; he may even tell what is written in the letter, although unable to see the writing.

Many cases are recorded by the investigators in which the psychometrist is able to "sense" a particular locality, a house, a room, a place of business, for instance, by means of the connecting link afforded by some physical object formerly associated with the said location. Some writers have called this class of psychometric phenomena "psychic spying" or "psychic detective work."

For instance, I once brought from Stonehenge a tiny fragment of stone, not larger than a pin's head, and on putting this into an envelope and handing it to a psychometrist who had no idea what it was, she at once began to describe that wonderful ruin and the desolate country surrounding it, and then went on to picture vividly what were evidently scenes from its early history, showing that the infinitesimal fragment had been sufficient to put her into communication with the records connected with the spot from which it came.

"You will say that Pidge also admits government in that tenth chapter so easily misunderstood. Bolger has attacked Pidge on those lines. But Bolger has no scientific training. Bolger is a psychometrist, but no sociologist. To any one who has combined a study of Pidge with the earlier and better discoveries of Kruxy, the fallacy is quite clear.