Not merely as actor and spieler, promoter and inventor and soldier and daring journalist, have I played my rôle, but also I am a mystic, an initiate, a clairaudient, a psychometrist, a Rosicrucian adept, and profoundly psychic in fact, my guide is Hermes Trismegistus himself! I also hold a degree as doctor of mento-practic, and my studies in astro-biochemistry " "Gonna stop. All off.

To be clairaudient is simply to be able to lay hold upon a different set of pulsations in the ether, and to be clairvoyant is to perceive directly without the aid of the eye, which is only a little camera, after all."

In those instances in which the controlling influence of such phenomena is clearly that of disembodied spirits, we find two distinct classes of the same, as follows: cases in which the spirits aided in the establishing of the psychic rapport, and thus rendered more efficient, clear, and strong; cases in which the spirits exerted their own psychometric, clairvoyant or clairaudient power, and then communicated the result through their mediums to the circle.

A passage from a Faust opera or Der Freischutz might meet the case; for it began to be intimated to me, now that I was sufficiently clairaudient to be able to dispense almost entirely with the pencil, that his Satanic Majesty was no indifferent spectator of the preparation of the man who was about to interfere so signally with his plans and pursuits.

Mental Phenomena. MENTAL PHENOMENA cover another wide range of mediumistic phenomena, among which may be mentioned the following, viz., involuntary or automatic writing and drawing, writing by means of the planchette or "ouija" board or similar mechanical aid to writing, clairvoyant perception of spirits, clairaudient hearing of spirit voices, prophetic utterances of spirits, impersonating and inspirational control of the medium.

The occultist will point you to a universal medium as much above the cinema film as that is above the brick or stone, and in which are stored up the memoria mundi. It is this sensitized envelope of the planetary atom that your sensitive taps by means of his clairvoyant, psychometric and clairaudient senses.

And he associated with her, teaching her the mystic meanings of flowers in the garden. But he lived for one thing only the coming of the voice of Egeria, as he called the spirit of the dead countess.... Her voice came to him continually ... preluded by strains of music ... he lived from day to day with her lovely speech, a clairaudient.

The dinner de luxe was too palpably a soggy residue of that Business Men's Lunch. It fittingly crowned the afternoon's catastrophes. He turned from it to his paper and Destiny tied another knot on his bonds. There it was in bold print: COUNTESS CASANOVA Clairvoyant ... Clairaudient Psychometric. Fresh from Unparalleled European Triumphs. Answers the Unasked Question. There was more of it.

That is a matter of the utmost importance, for knowledge of the astral and mental worlds is the same in kind as knowledge of the physical world; and it no more follows that a clairvoyant or clairaudient, or a man who can use any of the powers of subtler planes down here, has more authority on religious and moral questions than a good mathematician, a good electrician, or a good chemist.

I remember moving impatiently, and trying to argue myself into my ordinary logical state of mind, but I know now that even then I was wondering whether Sperry had found a hole in the ceiling upstairs. I wandered, I recall, into the realm of the clairvoyant and the clairaudient.