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I had been struck by the beauty of the widowed mother, as she followed the bridesmaids, leaning on the arm of her brother, a fine-looking, dignified officer from Potsdam, in full uniform, with broad silver epaulettes.

Between February 3 and April 1 eight American merchant-ships were sunk, and more than forty American lives were destroyed by the Potsdam pirates. The die was cast. On April 2, 1917, the President advised Congress that the United States could no longer delay the formal acceptance of "the status of belligerent which had been thrust upon it." On April 6 Congress took the necessary action.

But we can prevent Germans or pro-Germans writing our own school histories; we can prevent that "army of spies" of which the Kaiser boasted to his council at Potsdam in June, 1908, from continuing its activities among us now and henceforth; and we can prevent our school textbooks from playing into Germany's hand by teaching hate of England to our boys and girls.

The list of crimes and atrocities ordered in this war by the mysterious and awful power that rules the German people which I prefer to call, for the sake of brevity and impersonality, the Potsdam gang is too long to be repeated here. True, they were not, technically speaking, crimes directed against the United States. They did not injure our material interests.

My name is no longer Leopold." She laughed at him with a curious mixture of tenderness and bitterness. "My friend," she continued, "I am terrified to think, besides your name, how much of humanity you have lost in your new identity. To proceed it suited my convenience to remain for a few days in Berlin, and I was therefore compelled to present myself at Potsdam. There I received a great surprise.

Suddenly the wind wafted from the church at Potsdam the clear tones of a bell, announcing to the king the hour of four, the death of Voltaire. The king walked along to the rose-arbor, to the temple of friendship, where the bust of his sister Frederika was placed.

From the dynastic point of view was of importance the birth of a son and heir to the Crown Prince in the Marble Palace at Potsdam. The Emperor was at sea, on his annual northern trip, when the birth occurred. As the ship approached Bergen the town was seen to be gaily decorated with flags.

Now the phases of Mercury so far as could be determined from only two sets of observations correspond with the latter kind of structure. Strictly analogous to those of the moon, they seem to indicate an analogous mode of surface-formation. This conclusion was fully borne out by Müller's more extended observations at Potsdam during the years 1885-1893.

Think what a study they were at Potsdam in 1753, while still in the chaotic state; fished out, more or less at random, as Menzel could lay hold of them, or be directed to them; the enigma clearing itself only by intense inspection, and capability of seeing in the dark! It appears, if you are curious on the anecdotic part,

I had to keep a roaring fire in the kitchen all night; so many Officers crowding to it to warm themselves. And they talked and babbled this and that. One would say, That our King was coming on, then, 'with his Potsdam Guard-Parade. Another answers, 'OACH, he dare n't come!