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In the great French façades the customary circular window leaves ample space for vast porches below it. These are pushed forward to a level with the great flanking buttresses, so that the actual wall of the church above it appears to be recessed.

Dobbin presided, and suggested, at the opening of the meeting, an analogy between the Home of Industry, with its various stations, and the pool of Bethesda 'having five porches. Much prayer, and praise followed, and worshipful hearts told themselves out in love and adoration.

Dome of Palace of Horticulture; beams of light from concealed searchlights play through revolving lenses and color screens of green, orange, and red, fading slowly into each other in moving designs on glass dome. Floral hanging lamps in east and north entrances; deep green of lattice work in domes above; hanging lamps along porches, pearl-white light. South Gardens

Any time from seven to four you might see a pair of boudoir caps leaning from opposite bedroom windows, conversing across back porches, pausing in the task of sweeping front steps, standing at a street corner, laden with grocery bundles. Minnie wasted hours in what she called "running over to ma's for a minute." The two quarrelled a great deal, being so nearly of a nature.

At home ah, at home! crushed ice and cooling fans, a pleasant and shady ride to a pleasant, shady church, a little dozing through a comfortable sermon, then friends and crops and politics in the twilight dells of an old churchyard, then home, and dinner, and wide porches Ah, that was the way, that was the way. Close up, there! Don't straggle, men, don't straggle!

The flamboyant traceries that adorn the facade of Rouen Cathedral had once their fellows in every window of every house in the market place; the sculptures that adorn the porches of St.

For this event, which Stuart naïvely called a "party," Jeannette a "lawn fête," and the guests themselves, for the most part, a "picnic," porches, lawn and trees had been hung with gay lanterns, bonfires had been built, the small village band engaged, a light but delectable supper provided, and as much jollity planned as could be crowded into the hours between five o'clock and eleven.

The little town in which this scene was being enacted was composed of between twenty and thirty whitey-brown bee-hives of snow, of the usual shape, ranged on the ice near the shore of a large island. The scene presented was a lively one, for while some of the inhabitants were creeping into the small tunnels which formed as it were porches before the doors, others were creeping out.

To appreciate more fully the important part played by Philadelphians in early American affairs, we study their houses and home life, and as the primary index to the domestic architecture of the vicinity we direct our attention to the doorways and porches.

You could tell by the low, green bungalow with wide, screened porches and light cream trim, that was almost an exact reproduction of the bungalow in Los Angeles. A man and woman who have lived long together on a ranch like the Rolling R would have gone on living contentedly in the adobe house which was now abandoned to the sole occupancy of the boys.