'Knowing what we know of the sex, thou sayest, thou shouldst dread, wert thou me, to make further trial, lest thou shouldst succeed. And, in another place, tellest me, 'That thou pleadest not for the state for any favour thou hast for it. What an advocate art thou for matrimony ! Thou wert ever an unhappy fellow at argument.

"Carlo!" echoed an officer, laughing unfeelingly. "Is it such a crime to seek a father in his prison! They knew of his visits they permitted them he has only mistaken the hour." "Girl, dost thou know for whom thou pleadest?" "For the kindest heart the most faithful son in Venice!

O Satan, says he, thou art an enemy to my people; thou pleadest not out of love to righteousness, not to reform, but to destroy my beloved and inheritance. Not only as to a matter of charge, but the things that thou accusest them of are thine, thine in the nature of them.

Abraham had whereof to glory, but not before God; yea, he was called God's friend, and yet would not glory before him; but humbleth himself, was afraid, and trembled in himself, when he stood before him acknowledging of himself to be but dust and ashes; Gen. xviii. 27, 30, 22; Rom. iv. 1, 2; but thou, as thou hadst quite forgot that thou wast framed of that matter, and after the manner of other men, standest and pleadest thy goodness before him?

'And wilt thou, Lovelace, abuse that power which Which what, Belford? Which I obtained not by her own consent, but against it. 'But which thou never hadst obtained, had she not esteemed thee above all men. And which I had never taken so much pains to obtain, had I not loved her above all women. So far upon a par, Jack! and if thou pleadest honour, ought not honour to be mutual?

"Thou hast in truth learnt oratory, most sapient daughter," he said, bitterly; "thou pleadest well and flowingly, yet thou hast said not for whom thou bearest this marvellous interest it can scarce be for a traitor? Methinks the enemies of Edward should be even such unto his children."

"Mother," hoarsely murmured Alan, as he strove to raise her from her suppliant posture, "mother, this shall not be! look upon that face and know thou pleadest in vain. I will not accept my freedom at such a price; thy knee, thy supplications unto a heart of stone, for me! No, no; mother, dear mother, we will die together!"

"When thou pleadest for her, madam, I cannot deny," said her husband slowly. "I thought never to see thee in such dress again, Francis. There seemed necessity for it before. Now " "Now there is necessity also," broke in Francis. "Shall the queen go without her welcome for the want of a boy? I trow not, when Francis Stafford makes so good an one. Fear not, my father.