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"This man hath Paullus made his foehe hath crossed his path; he hath foiled him! "He never spared man in his wrath, or woman in his passion. "He hateth Paullus! "He hath looked on Julia! "Think, then, when lust and hate spur such a man together, what will restrain him. "Now mark me, and you shall yet be safe.

But already it was a rare thing and the rarer, because the government adhered rigidly to the old principle of not paying public officials that a governor returned with quite clean hands from his province; it was already remarked upon as something singular that Paullus, the conqueror of Pydna, did not take money.

I can beat them in some, I think; and, as I said, I will try in all." More words followed, for Paullus hastened away to strip and anoint himself for the coming struggle; and in a little while the strife itself succeeded.

It was not till after a victory gained by the praetor Lucius Aemilius Paullus in 565, and a second still more considerable gained by the brave praetor Gaius Calpurnius beyond the Tagus over the Lusitanians in 569, that quiet for some time prevailed.

The freedman had withdrawn abruptly the very moment that the lady entered; and, closing the door firmly behind him, stood on guard out of earshot, lest any one should break upon his young lord’s privacy. But Paullus knew not this; scarce knew, indeed, that they were alone; when, as she ceased, he made two steps forward, exclaiming in a piercing voice— "Ye Gods! ye Gods! Lucia Orestilla!" "Aye!

Paullus gazed at her, in astonishment, almost in awe. Could this be the sensual, passionate voluptuary he had known two days since?—the strange, unprincipled, impulsive being, who yielded like the reed, to every gust of passionthis deep, clear, vigorous thinker!

Thou, Fuscus, for insulting him with needless doubts. Thou, Paullus, for mentioning the thing, or shewing the dagger at all, if you did not choose to explain." "I do choose to explain," replied Cæcilius, "but I cannot; I have explained it all to Marcus Tullius." "To Cicero," exclaimed Aristius. "Why did you not say so before?

And sometimes, when you are happy in the chaste arms of Julia, sometimes think, Paullus, of poor, unhappy, loving, lost, lost Lucia!" "Whither, by all the Gods, I adjure you! whither would you go, Lucia?" "Far hence! far hence, my Paullus. Where I may live obscure in tranquil solitude, where I may die when my time comes, in peace and innocence. In Rome I were not safe an hour!"

After this burst of passion he became more cool, and, resuming his seat, asked Paullus a few shrewd and pertinent questions concerning the nature of the ground whereon he had found the corpse, the traces left by the mortal struggle, the hour at which the discovery was made, and many other minute points of the same nature; the answers to which he noted carefully on his waxed tablets.

I will not vex you at this time with questions, but will devour my anxiety and grief. But to-morrow, to-morrow, Paullus, if you love me indeed, you will tell me all that disturbs you. True love has no concealment from true love. Do not, I pray you, answer me; but fare you well, and good fortunes follow you." My friends, That is not so. Sir, we are your enemies.