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Aylett, between the fragrant puffs, "A lieutenant in the navy the good-looking, but, as the sequel proved, not over-steady, spouse of a lady who was the daughter of another naval officer of similar rank.

Pussy left the room before the speech was ended, and Alf, as he entered, found Dick addressing the empty hearth-rug. 'There's a letter for you, sir, he said. 'Perhaps you'd like me to read it. 'Lend it to me for a minute and I'll tell you. The outstretched hand shook just a little and the voice was not over-steady.

From time to time as I looked at him, he caught my eye and instantly averted his own, turning rather red. Apparently he was a shy, nervous man, which might account for his giggling; for I have noticed that shy or nervous people have a habit of smiling inopportunely and even giggling when embarrassed by meeting an over-steady eye.

His voice was quiet and very even, but Coningsby looked up with a quick frown. "Confound you, Carey! What are you pulling a long face about this time of the morning? Better have a drink; it'll make you feel more sociable." He spoke with sharp irritation. The hand that held the spirit-decanter was not over-steady. Carey watched him coldly critical.

And presently she came less to tremble, and did weep very easeful, even as a babe doth weep; and I, mayhap, to be not over-steady, as you shall think; but yet to have a great gladness set in my heart, and a triumph, and an utter grace of thankfulness. And I held Mine Own, very tender and sure, as I did say; and she very soon to be eased of her trouble, and the shock to be something gone from her.

He had begun to fidget about the room with a restlessness that was feverish. Mordaunt remained in his easy-chair, calmly smoking, obviously awaiting the information for which he had asked. "Almost anything," Rupert repeated, halting at the table to drink some coffee. The hand that held the cup was not over-steady. Mordaunt's eyes rested upon it thoughtfully.

Yocomb," I replied, in a voice not over-steady, "you know that as far as fusing was concerned I was the worst struck of you all, and this day proves that I am no longer without kindred." But how vain the effort to reproduce the light and shade that filled the quaint, simple room!