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It is true, Crowsfeather and one or two of his companions had taken a look through that medicine-glass, but it rather contributed to increase the conjuror's renown, than served to explain any of the marvels he performed. Peter was most struck with all that had just occurred.

She commanded herself and drank from the medicine-glass he held to her lips. "What queer stuff!" she said. "Is it is it 'the pain-killer'?" "What do you know about 'the pain-killer'?" he said. She shrank a little at the question, and he did not pursue it. He laid her down again, settled the pillows, and left her. Olga lay very still.

If I hadn't thought so I wouldn't have told him he might come and see her to-morrow!" Then she went into Bonnie's room, took the letter with the Western postmark, and stood it up against a medicine-glass on the little table beside the bed, where Bonnie could see it the first thing when she opened her eyes.

"Go with her, will you?" he said. "Bring back a medicine-glass too! There's one on the surgery mantelpiece." He turned back to Violet again, stooping low over her, his hand upon her wrist. Olga fled upon her errand with the speed of a hare, leaving Nick to follow with a candle. Even as she went she heard a cry behind her, but she sped on with a feeling that Max was compelling her.

The medicine-bottles and the medicine-glass stood on the little table exactly as I had left them. I was very careful and precise in my arrangement of these things, and it would have been difficult for the slightest interference with them to have escaped me.

One bottle a blue one bore two labels: the smaller, of brilliant orange colour, with the word "Poison" in startling simplicity. He took this up and slowly drew the cork. It was a liniment for neuralgic pains in an overwrought head belladonna. He poured some into a medicine-glass, carefully measuring two tablespoonsful.

So it was Bernard who carried her to her room, and eventually put her to bed under Major Ralston's directions. The latter's face was very grave over the whole proceeding and he presently fetched something in a medicine-glass and gave it to Bernard to administer. Tessa tried to refuse it, but her opposition broke down before Bernard's very gentle insistence.

You remember Jack Forest? I've been dining with him at his club. We hadn't met for ages, and naturally we had a good deal to say to one another." He paused, gently relinquishing his hold upon Bertrand's wrist, and got up to pour something out of a bottle on the mantelpiece into a medicine-glass. "Drink this, old chap," he said, "or I shall tire you out before I've done."

The room was as full of flowers as a conservatory; chairs, wardrobe, and fireplace were most artistically draped with art hangings; a plate filled with grapes, a large bottle labelledTwo table-spoonfuls every half hour,” and a medicine-glass were placed conspicuously on a small table; and, most remarkable feature of all, Mr Bunker’s bath filled with water and alive with goldfish stood by the side of the bed.

But nothing had been forgotten; and Rachel's last memory of that eventful day, and not less eventful night, was of a mild, foreign face bending over her with a medicine-glass and a gentle word.

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