She can't, poor colleen; but she is nice and worth knowing, and she'll just keep my heart from being broke entirely. "How are they all at home? Give them lashins and lavins of love from Nora. Tell them it's soon I'll be back with them.

It was a wink, a smile, a drink, a passing gossoon, a sly girl, a light trick, among the unspoken things; or a biting epigram, the phrase felicitous, a story gilt with humor, a witticism swift and fatal as lightning; in addition varied activity, a dance informal, a ceremonious ball, a party, a wake, a political meeting, the visit of the district leader; and with all, as Judy expressed it, "lashins an' lavins, an' divil a thought of to-morrow."

Throth, they had fine times of it puddins an' pies, if you plaze: the bare lavins would feed a family at home. An' it's the same, they tell me, in all the farmers' houses round about. I never thought to see so much vittles. No reply could be elicited from Mr. Arthur Wynn but a grunt. 'Didn't you? put in the driver, with a small sneer.

"And we'll be givin' them a boil in a one of the little saucepans," said Thady. "Raw eggs do be ugly could brashes, and we've plinty of wather handy lashins and lavins of dhrink runnin' on tap there, so to spake." Supper was accordingly prepared on these simple lines with much success.

He himself was seldom without a broken head or a black eye; for in Ireland, he who is known to be fond of quarrelling, as the people say, usually "gets enough an' lavins of it." Larry and Sheelah, thinking it now high time that something should be done with Phelim, thought it necessary to give him some share of education.

Remember your boy, and what he's designed for, and don't let the dinner or its concomitants be discreditable to him; for, in fact, it's his dinner, observe, and not yours." "I'm thankful, I'm deeply thankful, an' for ever oblaged to your Reverence for your kindness; although, widout at all makin' little of it, it wasn't wanted here; never fear, Docthor, there'll be lashings and lavins."

"Says I t' m'self at last, 'Aye, 'deed there must be th' spark there what Anna talks about! Jist then I heard yer mother's voice as plain as I hear m' own now at this minute an' what d'ye think Anna says?" "I don't know, Willie." "'So ye haave th' Son ov Maan t' dinner th' day? 'Aye, says I. "'An' givin' 'im yer lavins! "It was like a piece ov stone cuttin' the ball ov m' eye. It cut deep!