Though I spoke a word or two of ill-pronounced Spanish not being supposed to understand their language they were very free in their remarks, and I could scarcely refrain from laughing as I heard what they said. The lady spoke French; and as I knew the language pretty well, we could converse without difficulty.

This individual, with a look as unlike heaven as the wickedest of his flock, will be seen stirring about on his little stage; now carrying a wand now a brazen pot of smoking "incense," and anon some waxen doll the image of a saint; while in the midst of his manipulations you may hear him "murmuring" a gibberish of ill-pronounced Latin.

In a few minutes the voice of the landlady was heard shouting imperiously from her room: "Irene! ... Irene!" "Well?" "Come in from the balcony." "And why do I got to come in?" replied a harsh voice in rough, ill-pronounced accents. "Because you must ... That's why." "Why, what am I doing in the balcony?" "That's something you know better than I." "Well, I don't know." "Well, I do."

It must be remembered, however, that nowhere is less allowance made than here for failing in memory or appearing destitute of the power of articulating many words together. An ill-pronounced exordium may well be compared to a visage full of scars, and certainly he must be a bad pilot who puts his ship in danger of sinking, as he is going out of port.

Then Madame de Ste. Petronelle showed the way to the little side chapel, close to the noble apse. There, beneath the six altar-candles, a priest was hurrying through a mass in a rapid ill-pronounced manner, while, besides his acolyte, worshippers were very few. Only the light fell on the edges of a dark-green velvet cloak and silvered a grizzled head bowed in reverence, and Madame de Ste.

I am far from wishing to exaggerate the riches of this soil; but I do not think myself authorized to deny the existence of precious metals in the primitive mountains of Guiana, merely because in our journey through that country we saw no metallic veins. It is the Castilian word plata ill-pronounced.

The man bolted the meat and bread in a trice. "What? Is there a little wine left?" he asked, smiling. "Yes," replied Manuel, emptying the bottle into the man's glass. "All right," answered the man in ill-pronounced English as he gulped it down. "Gentlemen! At your service. I believe you wished to ask me something." "Yes." "At your service, then. My name is Alonso de Guzman Calderon y Tellez.

Pinchas spoke German which is an outlandish form of Yiddish and scarce understanded of the people, so that to be intelligible he had to divest himself of sundry inflections, and to throw gender to the winds and to say "wet" for "wird" and mix hybrid Hebrew and ill-pronounced English with his vocabulary.

I will interpret this stammering; I will interpret the grumblings, the murmurs, the tumults of crowds, the complaints ill-pronounced, and all these cries of beasts that, through ignorance and through suffering, man is forced to utter ... I will be the Word of the People. I will be the bleeding mouth whence the gag is snatched out. I will say everything."