Miss Elting, Crazy Jane has beaten us all; you see if she hasn't. Hoo-e-e-e!" "Jane! Oh, Jane! Did you find something?" cried Tommy, in a shrill, high-pitched voice that Margery declared might have been heard a mile away. "What did you find?" "Did I find thomething?" mimicked Jane. "Does Crazy Jane McCarthy ever fail to get what she goes after?

The two struggled to the bank, there to sit down laughing. "Are you safe?" shouted Miss Elting. "Hoo-e-e-e!" answered the two girls. "Are you all right, Tommy?" Harriet next called across the pond. "Yeth, but I'm almotht wet and cold. My clothes are thoaked, and there are ithicleth hanging from my eyebrowth. Thomebody better thave me?" "Come over here," proposed Harriet, teasingly, "and we will."

He has gone off in the launch to keep an eye on the shore." "Then that is his boat out there. Get in here. I am worried that Harriet is still out." Just then a soft "hoo-e-e-e" from the bushes on the opposite side of the stream, told them that Harriet Burrell had returned. She had been out on a scouting expedition. Hazel rowed over to the other side of the creek. Harriet jumped aboard.

Now he limped toward them. "They're goners!" he groaned. "I don't believe it," answered Jane shortly. "They will be, if you don't do something. Why don't you get them out?" "How can I?" moaned the poor fellow. Jane started to speak, but a loud "Hoo-e-e-e" from the far end of the bridge caused her to pause. The call was repeated. Then they heard Harriet running toward them.

Janus and Jim, who had run to the river bank, were now plunging here and there, stumbling, groping, wading or swimming about in the river to have a look at some bit of wreckage that resembled a human form. They believed that Harriet had been swept down to her death with the burning bridge. All at once Jane raised her voice in the cry of the Meadow-Brook Girls. "Hoo-e-e-e!" she called shrilly.

I hear the boy coming. Do you think you are really ready?" "I know I am. But I believe I will have another cup of coffee before we start. Did we rescue all of our equipment?" "Some of it has been lost, but that doesn't matter so long as we have you safe and sound, yes, there is the boy. Hoo-e-e-e!" called the guardian. "Ye-o-o-w!" answered the boy promptly. They saw him turn into the byway.

Then there followed a long-drawn "Hoo-e-e-e!" that she knew was meant for her. "Harri et!" It was Margery who was calling. Harriet groaned under her breath. Were her companions to persist, were they to get an idea that she had strayed from the camp, her quest would come to a sudden end, for the guide and his charges would soon be piling over the rocks, searching and shouting for her.