He pulled out his card-case, and showed his cards "Earl of Hartledon." He exhibited a couple of letters that happened to be about him "The Right Honble. the Earl of Hartledon." It was of no use. "I've known that dodge tried before too," said his obstinate capturer. Lord Hartledon was growing more angry. He saw some proof must be tendered before he could regain his liberty.

It is certain that the governor, writing from memory, long afterward, fixed the time at which the Honble: Lords had obtained "their large grante" much earlier than it could possibly have occurred, as we know the exact date of the patent for the, "Council for New England," and that the order for its issue was not given till just as the Pilgrims left Leyden; so that they could not have known of the actual "grante" till they reached Southampton.

I am, Sr. your most obedient & most humble Servant, Rt. Honble. Mr. Pitt, Paymaster-General. Mr. Fox to Mr. Pitt directing the Half Pay of Lieut. Willm. Henry Cranstoun to be Stopt. Ent. No. 1 W.P. Fo. 11. I. Cranstoun's Own Version of the Facts. Let us now return to Capt.

The old lady's letter to Reginald was much longer; because in that she had to speak of the state of John Morton's health, and of her surprise that she should be summoned to his bedside. Of course she would go, though she could not look forward with satisfaction to a meeting with the Honble. Mrs. Morton.

But if any wrong be committed against them they think it long till they be revenged.... They are a wicked, bad people, very fierce in arms. Their dogs are small. When the Honble. Lebrecht van Twenhuyzen, once a skipper, had given them a big dog, and it was presented to them on ship-board, they were very much afraid of it; calling it, also a Sachem of dogs, being the biggest.

If you should chance to look in between your many imprisonments and find me out, you will know I am away on the Firm's business, livening up the racing establishments of the Right Honble Sir , Bart. Bart. No one knows anything about this at No. 94." If the outer door of Michaelis's office was locked how could Miss Kenney be expected to call and find this note awaiting her?

Weston and others, yt sundrie Honble: Lords had obtained a large grante from ye king for ye more northerly parts of that countrie, derived out of ye Virginia patents, and wholly secluded from theire Governmente, and to be called by another name, viz. New England, unto which Mr.

He was further of opinion, that a direct communication, the idea now entertained by the Honble. John Young, of Montreal, might be established between Lake Huron and the River St. Lawrence. Unfortunately for the Province, Governor Simcoe did not remain long enough in it to put his admirably conceived projects into execution.

To see them again made it seem as if the world had stood still for a quarter of a century. Then, again, there was my old friend and once colleague, the Honble. James Ferrier, a young-minded and vigorous man of 86: who, on my return to Montreal, walked down to the grand new offices of the Grand Trunk, near Point St.

Her only sheet anchor of comfort during that long, dull afternoon and evening was the thought that Bubbles' life was set on the right lines at last ... and that Mark Gifford had not changed. "HONBLE. BLANCHE FARROW Wyndfell Hall Darnaston Suffolk Very private Meet me outside Darnaston Church at twelve o'clock, midday, to-morrow, Wednesday MARK GIFFORD."