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"I know that some of the faster ones in the smart set go there once in a while for a little poker, bridge, and even to play the races," went on Warrington carefully. "I've never been there myself, but I wouldn't be surprised if Angus could tell you all about it. He goes in for all that sort of thing." "After all," interrupted McBirney, "that's only rumour. Here's the point of the whole thing.

He shook hands with all the ladies, beginning with Mrs. Macillarney and Mrs. O'Halloran, while Patrick Fitzmaurice shook hands with the alderman. "Here's the lady that helped me on me piece, father; she's the lady that sent me the horseshoe, mother. Like to make you acquainted with me father and me mother. Mr. and Mrs. Fitzmaurice, Mrs. Carriswood."

"Monsieur," she said, "here's a friend of mine who wants a job." Talouel glanced sharply at the friend. "In a moment ... we'll see," he replied curtly. Rosalie, who knew what to do, signed to Perrine to stand aside and wait. At this moment there was a slight commotion at the gates, and the crowd drew aside respectfully to allow Monsieur Paindavoine's carriage to pass.

It was all Bunny could do to hold to the umbrella now. The wind almost blew it from his hands. Even with Sue to help him it was hard work. "If you could only tie it fast," suggested Sue. "Maybe I can," said Bunny. "Here's a rope." The rope by which the boat had been tied to a tree on the island lay in the bottom of the boat.

I stop; for I rob the mail, and I rob myself, and you may be yawning to be continued in our next; I hear the second bell, which summons me to one of those abundant breakfasts the fashion of which has long passed away, in the dining-rooms of Paris, be it understood. Here's the history of my Arcadia.

A man who felt within himself all the forces which make for greatness could force himself into the place of the average man, and thank the Lord that he was able to make a living! "Here's a little scheme I've worked out," Karl said, and opening one of the drawers of the library table, pulled out the model for the idea he had worked out for reading and writing in Braille. It was the first Dr.

"It's just like the finger-print theory. There must be a sort of summation of individual characteristics. Now here's a broken 'l' and there is an 'a' that is twisted.

"Here's this little fellow waiting to see you home, and you KNOW he ought to have been in bed these two hours, and what his mother'll say I don't know, and anybody but a selfish pig would have MADE him go to bed long ago " "And he SHALL go to bed!" cried the dragon, starting up. "Poor little chap, only fancy his being up at this hour! It's a shame, that's what it is, and I don't think, St.

Walter seated himself on a truss of straw beside his father, and thought he had never enjoyed a meal so much, in his life, as the bread and cold chicken, eaten as they were in the open air in front of the crackling fire. Each was provided with a horn, and these were filled from the keg. "Here's to the king, gentlemen. Success to his arms!"

"Here's the jewellery I want to sell. It was my father's, and belonged to his father and grandfather." She opened her ungloved right hand to reveal a bonnet brooch of beautiful and very ancient workmanship showing the crest of the MacDonalds of Dhrum set with a fine cairngorm and some exquisite old paste.