But the world or at any rate the Scaw House portion of it could not move in this same round eternally. Something would happen, and the vague, half-confessed intention that had been in his mind for some time now was a little more defined.

Nevertheless, he experienced a gnawing uncertainty, amounting to a half-confessed dread. Yet, at the moment of parting, she came to his arms, clung to him, gave him her lips passionately, longingly; bade him write, for his letters would be all that there was to keep life radiant for her....

And within the same group we find the contrasts of believers in monophyletic and believers in polyphyletic evolution, the mechanists and the half-confessed or thoroughgoing vitalists, the preformationists and the believers in epigenesis. Opinions differ even more widely in regard to the rôle of thestruggle for existencein the production of species.

"But, Dudley " she began. And then, unable to express what she felt, what she thought, any better than he had done, she turned abruptly away and sat down again. There was silence for a few moments, and then she heard the door close. Looking round, she saw that he had left the room. Queenie kept Dudley's half-confessed secret to herself for the whole of that day.

Looking up with well-feigned timidity and half-confessed affection, she said softly, "Forgive me that I could not hide this better. I meant to go away and never tell it, but you were so kind it made the parting doubly hard. Why did you ask such dangerous questions? Why did you look, when you should have been writing my dismissal?"

Some half-confessed meed of admiration, already astir in her nature for the horseman and his way, increased as he breasted the ascent. How thoroughly at home how much a part of it all he appeared, as he rode upon his pony! Two hours of steady climbing, with her mare oblique beneath her weight, and Beth felt an awe in her being.

Many of the staff did, nor did anyone seem to think less of them for doing so. Even Alexander himself had half-confessed to a more than platonic affection for a Lani called Susy. Yet this was no excuse, nor would it silence the cold still voice in his mind that kept repeating sodomite sodomite sodomite with a passionless inflection that was even more terrible than anger.

She had dropped the impish mischief of her way, and up from beneath it rose a wistful, visionary tenderness; a mighty half-confessed, half-concealed, striving for unknown things. He seemed to have found a new friend. And today, after he had taken Miss Taylor home and supped, he came out in the twilight under the new moon and whistled the tremulous note that always brought her.