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The encircling network of this gigantic army of beaters grew narrower and narrower day by day and was to converge towards a fixed point which Squire Gerzson said he would more definitely indicate later on.

"Then according to that you also are in danger on my account?" "Ask no questions! I knew what would happen when I gave you a night's lodging." Then he took out of a drawer a packet of letters and bade Gerzson put them in the pocket of his cassock as the coat he was wearing had no pockets. "Why do you take these with you?"

"Pardon, papa Gerzson, but four men have arrived here." Still Mr. Gerzson did not awake. Henrietta approached, bent over him and gently insisted: "My dear papa Gerzson, just wake up for a moment, somebody wants to come in." Even then Mr. Gerzson did not awake. Henrietta listened. Outside, the hall door was beginning to groan and rock. They were forcing it. Full of terror now, she seized Mr.

He cut such whacking slices off the loaf and off the good red ham beside him that it was a joy to watch him; after he had raised the cluck-clucker to his lips, his conversation became so entertaining that Henrietta listened to him with delight. "But now I am not going to drink any more," said Mr. Gerzson at last, "for it is apt to make me sleepy and I don't want to sleep to-night.

It would do the horses no harm if they had a little rest." "What's that to you, you rascal, eh?" roared Mr. Gerzson, "I suppose you're sleepy, you lazy good-for-nothing? Off the box then, you hound, you! I'll drive the horses myself, you gallows-bird!"

Henrietta recognized him at once, though Squire Gerzson saw him now for the first time. It was old Ripa. "I am a guest here myself," said he. "Thou blockhead! by the soul of thy father I charge thee where is the hostess?" "She is outside in the cool air." "What is she doing there?" "She is guarding the moles" which means in the flowery language of the puszta: "she is dead."

If you want to know why, you will find me at the parson's, there I will tell you and after that we can arrange our little business between ourselves. Mr. Gerzson had even taken the trouble to provide himself with sealing-wax and matches so he could seal his letter without any difficulty and the step served him as a table. But suppose even this letter did not make Hátszegi come forth?

In a short time the shadow reappeared in front of the moonlight, the window was silently and very slightly raised, and through the slit fluttered a rolled up piece of paper. This missive fell from the moulding of the bastion down into the moat. Mr. Gerzson scrambled down after it, grabbed at it in the dark and sticking it into his pocket, returned to the dwelling of the priest.

The poor little woman has grown almost grey with terror, and after you had fallen to the ground in liquor she sent the coachman to town for fresh horses and, leaving you under the table, tried to make her way back to Arad." "That is not true," interrupted Gerzson, his whole face purple with rage. "What is not true?" "Where is the baroness?" "Stop, stop, my friend! Don't run away!

While Mr. Gerzson was luxuriating in the contemplation of the moonlight, he suddenly observed that the moonlight falling upon the windows was obscured for an instant, as if somebody were passing up and down the room.