"Oh, do run away," exclaimed Dorothy. "I cannot dress while you stand here talking. Whatever it is, I will be with your father in two or three minutes." Effie ran downstairs again. Mrs. Fraser, who had let her in, had gone back to bed. Effie shut the Frasers' hall door as quietly as she could. She then went across the sunlit and empty street to where her father stood on the steps at his own door.

Yet he did not scruple, when it suited his purpose, to designate his clansmen, the lairds around him, as "the little pitiful barons of the Aird;" this was, however, when writing to his friends of opposite politics to the Frasers, generally to Duncan Forbes. The devotion of his unfortunate adherents can hardly be conceived in the present day.

One can hardly conceive that it could be requisite for the Frasers to give any fresh proof of their obedience and fealty; yet it seems to have required a continual effort on the part of Lord Lovat to establish his authority and to keep up his dignity among the Frasers.

In 1431, the Frasers were ennobled; the head of the house was created a Lord of Parliament by James the First, and the title was preserved in regular succession, until, by the death of Hugh, the eleventh Lord Lovat, it reverted, together with all the family estates, now of considerable value and extent, to Thomas Fraser, of Beaufort, great uncle of the last nobleman.

Katie had grown so absorbed in that part that there were times of forgetting there was a real girl behind it. Often she believed in her friend Ann Forrest, the dear girl she had known in Florence, the poor child who had gone through so many hard things and was so different from the Zelda Frasers of the world.

Murrays, Nairnes and Frasers had all fought on the Jacobite side in 1745; and we know how the Scots hold together. James Murray, son of a Scottish peer, Lord Elibank, was himself still a young man of only a little more than thirty, a high-spirited, brave, generous and impulsive officer.

We have got our wits, I presume; and when we sit in the Summer Parlour with a great blazing fire lighting up the place, I shouldn't be a scrap surprised if Mary Barton, Agnes Featherstonhaugh, and others joined us. 'I wouldn't have those Frasers now if they went on their bended knees, remarked Leucha; 'but if you will light the fire, Daisy, I don't mind sitting by and watching you.

At the first "cleaning up" on the Frasers Mine at Southern Cross, West Australia, great consternation was excited by the appearance of the retorted gold, which, as an old miner graphically put it, was "as black as the hind leg of a crow," and utterly unfit for smelting, owing to the presence of base metals.

When the Scandinavians invaded the eastern coast of Britain, and the northern coast of France, one branch of the family of Frizell, or Fryzell, settled in Scotland; another in Normandy, where the name has retained its original pronunciation. The castle of Beaufort, anciently a royal fortress, had been bestowed upon the Frasers, in the year 1367.

He was growing stout, Isabelle perceived, and a little heavy. New York life was not good for him. "I thought Conny's house and the people so interesting," she used the universal term for a new sensation, "didn't you?" "Yes, very pleasant," he assented as he would have if it had been the Falkners or the Lawtons or the Frasers.