It never even struck him at the time that she called all his schoolfellows 'mein lieber. I remember, too, his grief and dejection when the news suddenly reached us that Fraeulein Frederike that was her name was going to be married to Herr Kniftus, the owner of a prosperous butcher's shop, a very handsome man, and well educated too; and that she was marrying him, not simply in submission to parental authority, but positively from love.

Wendover to walk and talk with the Fraeulein and me for half an hour or so in the river-meadow! Mr. Wendover, my best, my only friend's first cousin. Rather hard, isn't it? Hard? it's shameful, cried the girl. 'I should like to see old Pew turning me off for keeping company with my young man. But she daren't do it.

With infinite difficulty in the matter of pronunciation the man informed her that the party consisted of Monsieur Logotheti, Herr Schreiermeyer, Signor Stromboli, the Signorina Baci-Roventi, and Fraeulein Ottilie Braun.

An hour later, the car put away in the garage, Fanny was tapping at the window of the bath house in the town. The beautiful fat woman who prepared the baths answered her tap. "Fraeulein," said Fanny, "would it matter if I had a bath? Is it too late? I'll turn it on myself and dry it afterwards." What did the woman mind if Fanny had a bath?

'I could be like the marquis, said the Fraeulein, smiling tenderly. Oh, Ida, you don't know what I would do for anyone I loved for a dear and valued friend, like you for instance, if you would only let me love you; but you have always held me at arm's length. 'I did not mean to do so, answered Ida, frankly; 'but perhaps I am not particularly warm-hearted.

In spite of the windy weather there was Signor Pompeo Stromboli, the tenor, as broad as any two ordinary men, in a fur coat of the most terribly expensive sort, bringing an enormous box of chocolates with his best wishes; and there was the great German dramatic barytone, Herr Tiefenbach, who sang 'Amfortas' better than any one, and was a true musician as well as a man of culture, and he brought Margaret a book which he insisted that she must read on the voyage, called The Genesis of the Tone Epos; and there was that excellent and useful little artist, Fraeulein Ottilie Braun, who never had an enemy in her life, who was always ready to sing any part creditably at a moment's notice if one of the leading artists broke down, and who was altogether one of the best, kindest, and least conceited human beings that ever joined an opera company.

Presently her thoughts began to escape the control she had put upon them; and she felt herself yielding to a sense of excitement. She resolutely took a book of Italian stories from the bottom of her basket, and began to read. At last! the patter of the goats and the shouts of the boys. They rushed upon her with the letter. She handed over their reward and broke the seal. 'Hochgeerhrtes Fraeulein,

Once she expatiated to Fraeulein Wolf in Brian's presence upon the picturesque beauties of the Abbey. 'It is the dearest, noblest old house you can conceive, she said; 'and the old, old gardens and park are something too lovely: but I believe Mr. Wendover does not care a straw about the place. 'You know what comes of familiarity, answered Brian, carelessly.

About a month later, at one of the weekly concerts of the Hof Musik Verein, he was playing a concerto for piano and orchestra of his own composition. He had reached the last movement when he chanced to see in the box facing him Frau and Fraeulein Kerich looking at him. He so little expected to see them that he was astounded, and almost missed out his reply to the orchestra.

After this there came many afternoons on which the Fraeulein and Ida walked in the meadow path by the river, and walk there when they would, the light wherry always came glancing along the tide, and shot in among the reeds, and Miss Palliser's faithful swain was in attendance upon her.