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He order'd that the Prisoners should leave their Chests; and when some of his Men seem'd to mutter, he bid 'em remember the Grandeur of the Monarch they serv'd; that they were neither Pyrates nor Privateers; and, as brave Men, they ought to shew their Enemies an Example they would willingly have follow'd, and use their Prisoners as they wish'd to be us'd.

After these follow'd Men of all Degrees and Orders, some Archbishops, some Bishops, Abbots, Monks, Chanons, Priests, and Clerks of every Degree, all cloathed in the sacred Apparel proper to their Respective Degrees and Orders; and like in Shape and Colour to those they wore, when they serv'd God here on Earth.

"Say you so," quoth Habinas, "nor am I afraid to make two days of one"; and therewith got up barefoot and follow'd Trimalchio. I on the other hand turning to Ascyltos, asked him what he thought of it, for "if I but see the bath I shall swoon away." "Let's lagg behind then," said he, "and whilst they are getting in, we'll slip off in the crowd."

My thoughtless youth was wing'd with vain desires; My manhood long misled by wand'ring fires, Follow'd false lights; and when their glimpse was gone, My pride struck out new sparkles of her own. Such was I, such by Nature still I am; Be thine the glory, and be mine the shame. Good life be now my task: my doubts are done; What more could shock my faith than Three in One?

We follow'd therefore, and being led among those bills, we saw many of both sexes at work in the cells, so much every of them seem'd to have taken a provocative.

The refusal set him the sharper; he follow'd me where-ever I went, and getting into my chamber at night, when entreaty did no good, he fell to downright violence; but I rais'd such an outcry that I wak'd the whole house, and, by the help of Lycurgus, got rid of him for that bout.

"Roast, boil'd, bak'd, too, too much, white, claret, sack. Nothing they thought too heavy or too hot, Can follow'd can, and pot succeeded pot." during this time preparations were making for fresh entertainments out of doors.

He follow'd the Direction of his Dream, and became perfectly well in a short time.

If your lordship has a mind to the box, I'll stand by you in the keeping of it. "FOP. My lord, I'm passionately oblig'd to you, but I am afraid I cannot answer your hazarding so much of the lady's favour. Charles, stand by me. Must not a man be a vain coxcomb now, to think this creature follow'd one? "SIR CHARLES. Nothing so plain, my lord. "FOP. Flattering devil." Enter LADY BETTY.

Lee had capitulated beneath the apple-tree of Appomattox. The other armies, the flanges of the revolt, swiftly follow'd. And could it really be, then? Out of all the affairs of this world of woe and failure and disorder, was there really come the confirm'd, unerring sign of plan, like a shaft of pure light of rightful rule of God? So the day, as I say, was propitious.