I recollected that I should probably meet his companion, and that was an encounter which I had hitherto carefully avoided. I went, according to my first design, to my father's; I was in hopes of meeting Frank there some time in the day, or of being visited by him at Mrs. Fielder's. My soul was in a tumult that unfitted me for conversation.

It was understood that a hit in a certain quarter amidst the spectators would be counted a two-bagger. To secure a home run on the Belleville grounds the batter must send his ball in a direct line for center, and far above the fielder's head.

To persuade Talbot of his wife's perfidy was at least to dissolve his alliance with another; and since she took so much pains to gain his favour, even after his marriage, is it not allowable to question the delicacy and punctiliousness, at least, of her virtue? Mrs. Fielder's aversion to me is chiefly founded on a knowledge of my past errors.

I come from the Burlington Castle, and the captain thinks he was wrong to have sent you the cases without passing the bill of lading through the commissariat officer at headquarters." "I believe he is right. Here is the bill; it has not Mr. Fielder's signature. This is most irregular. What shall I do?"

Bunderson, really looking something like a balloon with his round body, made a hot run for the ball and pulled it down close to the foul flag. A moment before the ball struck in the fielder's hands both coachers shrieked: "Run!" Even as the ball landed in Bunderson's grasp Hollis and Brooks were off. Abe lost a little time in turning to throw toward second.

At the moment the ball left the racket Gammire abandoned his prayers: his eyes, like a careful fielder's, calculating and estimating, followed the swerve of the ball in the breeze, and when it fell he was on the correct spot. He caught it. Herbert shouted. "He caught it on the fly! It must have been an accident. Here " And he struck the ball into the air again.

When Sanger had fooled Grant twice, it began to look as if he really would succeed in "taking his pelt"; but, declining to reach for the decoys, Rod finally met the ball on the trade mark, lining it over the center fielder's head, after which he made third before he was stopped by the wild gestures and cries of the delighted coacher, Nelson. Roy Hooker swallowed a lump in his throat.

'Ay! trying to eat her cake and have it, expecting to be Mr. Fielder's wife, and reign as the earl's daughter all the same. Poor thing! the day they get the situation will be a sad one for her. She does not know what poortith cauld will be like. 'Poor Eva! said Amy. 'I dare say she will shine and be all the better for trouble. There is much that is so very nice in her.

Fielder's letter, the consciousness of my innocence gave me courage; but the longer I reflect upon the subject, the more deeply I despond. My own errors will always be powerful pleaders against me at the bar of this austere judge. Would to Heaven I had not yielded to your urgency! The indecorum of compliance stared me in the face at the time.

Fielder's inclination and remonstrances, she had maintained but little intercourse. My mother's sudden death and my helpless age awakened all her early tenderness, and induced her to offer an asylum to me. Having a considerable fortune and no family, her offer, notwithstanding ancient jealousies, was readily accepted by my father.