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Lanyon, commonly called Lushy, because? one? me failins: Gunner aboard this packet by rights, and Actin Fust Lieutenant by the grace o God there bein no one else to act, see? This ere," he continued, smacking the bulwark, "is His Majesty's ship Tremendous, well known and respected between the Lizard and the Nore.

I cimply desine givin the pints & Plot of a play I saw actid out at the theatre t'other nite, called Ossywattermy Brown or the Hero of Harper's Ferry. Ossywattermy had varis failins, one of which was a idee that he cood conker Virginny with a few duzzen loonatics which he had pickt up sumwhares, mercy only nose wher. He didn't cum it, as the sekel showed.

"There is nobody perfect, my dear Una," said Connor; "an' none without their failins; they have little to answer for that have no more than you." "Don't flatter me," she replied; "if you love me as you say, never flatter me while you live; I will always speak what I feel, and I hope you'll do the same."

Priest's nieces, but sure he's in heaven, And his failins is nothin' to me. And we still might get on without doctors, If they'd let the ould Island alone; And if purple-men, priests, and tithe-proctors Were crammed down the great gun of Athlone.

Frank but then again, I don't like anything like desate, or that carries two faces only as you did see him, Miss Julia, if you're loyal to me and won't turn traitor on me you've but to wait for a little, I'll be able to tell you more about the same foolish I'd rather say foolish for the sake of settin' a Christian pat-thern, than wicked or traicherous och, ay for sure we all have our failins howandiver as I was sayin', I'll soon be able, I think, to tell you more about him things that will surprise you, miss, ay, and make the blood in your veins run cowld.

"There's no use in keepin' it back from you," replied Mrs. Doran. "I know it's foolish of me; but we have all our failins, and to be fond of Phelim there, is mine. Your Reverence is to call us next Sunday, as Phelim tould you. I am sure I can't tell you how he deluded me at all, the desaver o' the world!"