One day I see our king compliment Herr Gabert. He produces my opera unt say he compositioned it. Eferybody iss crazy aboud id, unt crown Herr Gabert mit flowers. My vife sings in der opera. The people cheer her unt she rides avay mit Herr Gabert in his carriage to a grand supper mit der nobility unt der Herr Director. "I go home unt say: 'Who am I? I answer: 'Nobody! Am I now great?

He was glad to escape into the library, where Darco set him to work on more correspondence an endless whirl of it, diversified with family skirmishes. 'Now, who the tevil has been mettling again with my babers? I haf dolt eferybody I will not haf my babers mettled. Then a dash to the door, and an inquiry trumpeted up the stairway. 'Who the tevil has been mettling with my babers?

So Joyce, relieved for the present, turned eagerly again to Marie. "How about Lucy? Will Mrs. Myron give her the blue ribbon?" "She ask eef peenk would not do, and I say, talk wiz Lucie, and she do. Zat is ze way, of course. When one does say what one need we will say, 'try zo-and-zo, and in time efery body will be serve, and eferybody happy." "How quick you are to catch the idea, Marie!

"By Ballards' I seen heem first he vas horse ridin' dot time. It vas nobody home by Ballards' dot time. Eferybody vas gone off by dot peek-neek." "At that time did the prisoner speak to you?"

"That's no what Maister Graham would mean, daddy," said Malcolm. "He would mean that God was the father o' 's a', and sae we cudna help lo'in' ane anither." "No; tat cannot pe right, Malcolm; for then we should haf to love eferybody. Now she loves you, my son, and she hates Cawmill of Clenlyon. She loves Mistress Partan when she'll not pe too rude to her, and she hates tat Mistress Catanach.

In a moment you sees how dey run again, vhen dey get good going. Dem togs can go dis vay all day and be fresh again to-morrow. Eferybody here knows vhat my team o' togs can do, ma'am." It was evident that he was proud of them, and Madge decided that it was with good reason.

They said they'd come and give me a hundred dollars in the morning, but I don't think they'll do it." "Py chimanatics! Vait a minute." Hans ran outside and waved his lantern. "Come here!" he bawled. "Come here, kvick, eferybody!" His cry summoned the others, and they quickly gathered at the stable and released the captain.

The rendition was cold, but correct, and he emphasized the note he had taken exception to. "Dot p is p natural, und not p vlat. Py der vay, you petter pe glad I meet you. Von hour later, und I vould half to put you in a gage to vistle mit der chail pirds. Der orders are to bull all der pums after sunrise." "To which?" "To bull der pums eferybody mitout fisible means.