'It was very good food milk, meat, and oaten porridge, replied Anne. 'Marvellous, I say! cried Bertram with a sudden thought. 'Was it not said that there were some of those traitorous Lancastrian folk lurking about the mountains and fells? That rogue had the bearing of a man-at-arms, far more than of a mere herd. Deemedst thou not so, Archie? to the elderly man who rode before the young damsel.

He came where both the knights stood outside the house, leaning against the wall. Good Dietrich laid down his shield, and, moved with deep woe, he said, "Why hast thou so entreated a homeless knight? What had I done to thee? Thou hast ended all my joy. Thou deemedst it too little to have slain Rudeger to our scathe; now thou hast robbed me of all my men.

Wherewith wilt thou reward me?" Then once more Ralph heard the voice, which he remembered so sweet amidst peril and battle aforetime, as she said as coldly as the Knight: "I bade thee not: thine own heart bade thee to strive with him because thou deemedst that he loved me. Be content! thou hast slain him who stood in thy way, as thou deemedst. Thinkest thou that I rejoice at his slaying? O no!

"Thou deemedst well of Time when days went well, * And feardest not what ills might deal thee Fate: Thy nights so fair and restful cozened thee, * For peaceful nights bring woes of heavy weight." When she had ended her verse behold, somebody knocked at the door. So Nur al-Din rose to open it and one of his boon- companions followed him without being perceived.

At last when they stopped to bait by some scrubby bushes at the foot of a wide hill-side, he took Richard apart, and said to him: "Old friend, and whither go we?" Said Richard: "As thou wottest, to the Burg of the Four Friths." "Yea," said Ralph, "but by what road?" Said Richard: "Youngling is not thine heart, then, as strong as thou deemedst last night?"

Now one more word yet; when I come to Utterbol, if thy damsel be there still, fear not but I will have speech of her, and tell of thee, and what thou wert looking to, and how thou deemedst of her." Therewith he turned and departed hastily. But Ralph left alone was sorely moved with hope and fear, and a longing that grew in him to see the damsel.

Therewith she cast her arms about him and said: 'O friend, I mock myself of this: that erst thou deemedst me a God and fearedst me, but now thou seemest to me to be a God, and I fear thee.

'Thou deemedst well of Time when days went well, * And fearedst not what ills might bring thee Fate: The Nights so fair and restful cozened thee, * For peaceful Nights bring woes of heavy weight.

For I knew that thou wert gone for the great sorrow thou hadst for my misdoing against thee, and for thy land which thou deemedst thou hadst lost for ever. Whereas I had heard tell of the occasion of the wager, and of the treason Sir Raoul had done, whereof I was so wroth as never woman was more wroth.

Bruno had so great a mind to laugh that he was like to burst; however he contained himself and the physician, having made an end of his song, said, 'How deemedst thou thereof? 'Certes, answered Bruno, 'there's no Jew's harp but would lose with you, so archigothically do you caterwarble it. Quoth Master Simone, 'I tell thee thou wouldst never have believed it, hadst thou not heard me. 'Certes, replied Bruno, 'you say sooth! and the physician went on, 'I know store of others; but let that be for the present.