The most solemn and memorable act of covenanting with God was at Horeb, otherwise called Sinai, when the Israelites were first and formally organized in ecclesiastical and civil relations. Then "Judah was his sanctuary, and Israel his dominion." Ps. cxiv: 2.

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Though the enemy did come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord lifted up a standard against him, Isa. lix. 19; “The sea saw it, and fled; Jordan was driven back,” Psal. cxiv. 3. This outer court of the temple is meant when it is said that the Pharisees brought a woman taken in adultery into the temple, and set her before Christ, John viii. 2, 3.

Other forms of bone awls are shown in e, f, g, and j. There are a number of bone objects the use of which is problematical. One of the best of these is a section of the tibia of a bird, cut longitudinally, convex on the side represented in plate CXIV, h, and concave on the opposite side.

I will not ask you for your advice on this occasion, because it is one of those on which no man is authorized to ask a sincere opinion. I shall therefore refer it to further thoughts. I am, with very sincere esteem, Dear Sir, your friend and servant, Th: Jefferson. LETTER CXIV. TO LISTER ASQUITH, September 26,1785 Paris, September 26,1785. Sir,

I sold Palaiseau today to a master shoemaker who has a LEATHER plaster on his right eye, and who calls the sumachs of the garden, the schumakre. Then Saturday morning you shall have word from your old comrade. G. Sand CXIV. TO GUSTAVE FLAUBERT 30 April, 1869 No way of going out today. This slavery to one's profession is horrid, isn't it?

'Then, at 11 A.M., how we chanted Psalms ii, cxiii, cxiv, and Hymn, and the old Easter Hallelujah hymn to the old tune with Mota words. Then at 7 P.M. Psalms cxviii, cxlviii, to joyful chants, and singing Easter and other hymns. 'So yesterday and so to-day. The short Communion Service in the morning with hymn, and in the evening we chant Psalm cxviii, and sing out our Easter hymn.

CXIV. The Tigers and the Cat. In former days tigers and cats were friends and used to hunt together and share the game they caught; and they did not eat the game raw but used to cook it as men do. One day some tigers and a cat had killed a deer and they had no fire with which to cook it; then the tigers said to the cat "You are small, go and beg a light from yonder village."

SECTION CXIV. The reader will forgive my quitting our more immediate subject, in order briefly to explain the causes and the nature of this destruction; for the matter is simply the most important of all that can be brought under our present consideration respecting the state of art in Europe. There is only one real test of such power of judgment.

With the exception of a number of large bones of a bear, found in one of the houses in the northern range of the eastern section, these bones were not carefully collected. Plate CXIV gives a general idea of some of the forms of worked bone which were obtained. There are similar implements in the collection, but with a single terminal perforation.