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VIRAG'S HEAD: Quack! But beware Antisthenes, the dog sage, and the last end of Arius Heresiarchus. The agony in the closet. LYNCH: All one and the same God to her. Or a monk. LYNCH: He is. A cardinal's son. STEPHEN: Cardinal sin. Monks of the screw. Seven dwarf simian acolytes, also in red, cardinal sins, uphold his train, peeping under it. He wears a battered silk hat sideways on his head.

While Richelieu thus played with the great and small things of Europe, amid his noisy fete, the Queen was informed at the Louvre that the time was come for her to proceed to the Cardinal's palace, where the King awaited her after the tragedy. The serious Anne of Austria did not witness any play; but she could not refuse her presence at the fete of the Prime-Minister.

This application highly enraged Morillon, the Cardinal's most confidential dependent, who accordingly conveyed the intelligence to his already departed chief, exclaiming in his letter, "what does the ungrateful baboon mean by meddling with our affairs?

Those who would support the king's honour and dignity must desire to see you removed from his counsels." "I am ready to take thy place, lord cardinal," said Will Sommers; "and will exchange my bauble for thy chancellor's mace, and my fool's cap for thy cardinal's hat." "Peace!" thundered the king. "Stand not between me and the object of my wrath.

"The captain of the cardinal's Guards?" "Himself." "Did he come to arrest me?" "I have no doubt that he did, monsieur, for all his wheedling manner." "Was he so sweet, then?" "Indeed, he was all honey, monsieur." "Indeed!" *It was called the Palais-Cardinal before Richelieu gave it to the King. "What did you answer him?"

He was to espouse the Infanta, he was to govern the Netherlands, and, as it was supposed, there were wider and wilder schemes for the aggrandizement of this fortunate ecclesiastic brooding in the mind of Philip than yet had seen the light. Meantime the cardinal's first care was to unfrock himself.

On the 4th the Duke came to the Parliament and assured the assembly of his concurrence in everything to reform the State and to procure the liberty of the Princes and the Cardinal's removal.

M. de la Meilleraye. The Cardinal's Festivities. Madame de Montespan's Luck at a Lottery. Before taking holy orders, Cardinal Mazarin had served as an officer in the Spanish army, where he had even won distinction.

Silently glancing at the Cardinal's lofty stature, the stature of one of the violent war-like princes of long ago, now reduced to wearing that simple cassock, Pierre deemed him superb with his proud conviction that Rome sufficed unto herself.

I strode happily into the courtyard of the Tre Croci, and presently had my expectation confirmed for I found my fellow, a faithful rogue I got in Rome on a Cardinal's recommendation, hot in dispute with a lady's maid. The woman was old, harsh-featured no Italian clearly, though she spoke fluently in the tongue. She rated my man like a pickpocket, and the dispute was over a room.

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