"Pretty bobbish, thank you," returned the constable, for he was a good-natured man, and rather liked a little quiet chaff with street-boys when not too much engaged with duty.

Huxter, Clavering." "How do you do, Mr. Huxter," the Prince of Fairoaks said in his most princely manner "I hope you are very well." "Pretty bobbish, thanky." And Mr. Huxter wagged his head. "I say, Pendennis, you've been coming it uncommon strong since we had the row at Wapshot's, don't you remember. Great author, hay? Go about with the swells. Saw your name in the Morning Post.

But at present they've got us, owing to circs. We are Mrs. Gordon's grandchildren." "Oh I see! I hope that Mrs. and Miss Gordon are in good health?" "Pretty bobbish, thank you," Dick was answering when Mollie interrupted: "Can we give you a lift? We are on our way home, and I am sure it is going to rain hard presently."

"Yes, I might," said Kenneby gloomily. "I hope I see you pretty well, Mrs. Smiley." "Pretty bobbish, thank you. Only I think it might have been Maria between friends like us." "He's sadly put about by this trial," whispered Mrs. Moulder. "You know he is so tender-hearted that he can't bear to be put upon like another." "But you didn't want her to be found guilty; did you, John?"

Kantwise added, as he took his seat immediately opposite to Mr. Dockwrath. "I hope I have the pleasure of seeing you pretty bobbish this morning, sir." And he shook hands cordially with the attorney. "Tidy, thank you," said Dockwrath. "My company last night did not do me any harm; you may swear to that." "Ha! ha! ha!

You're lookin' a bit pale round the gills, young cove, but, Lord! that's only nat'ral too." Here he produced from the depths of a capacious pocket something that glittered beneath his agile fingers. "And 'ow might be your general 'ealth, young cove?" he went on affably, "bobbish, I 'ope fair an' bobbish?"

How do you find yourself?" "Bobbish," he says; "but who's that with you?" "It's only a young man, that's a friend of mine," I says. "Come along, then," says he; "any friend of the Butcher's is as welcome as the Butcher!" So, I made my friend acquainted with him, and we took him into custody.

This from Manley Knight, who constituted himself Daisy's proxy in the matter of cocktails and drank all that would have been Daisy's had her mother permitted. Goldwin Leathersham seemed to be acting as proxy for some debutante also, for he seemed to feel pretty bobbish, but Warble was only slightly interested in the whole matter.

"Why!" exclaimed that worthy, giving over his irascible expletives, and adopting an air of unfeigned pleasure, "why, if it ain't young Master Greenhorn. Ha, ha! How do, my young bantam? Pretty bobbish, eh?" Stephen did not know exactly what was meant by "bobbish," but replied that he was quite well, and sorry he had trodden on Mr Cripps's toes.

"That'll be rather a nice cottage when it's launched," said the Captain, pointing to a building in process of erection, which stood so close to the edge of the Thames that its being launched seemed as much a literal allusion as a metaphor. "Raither bobbish," assented the spider. "Clean run fore and aft with bluff bows, like a good sea-boat," said the Captain. "Come, let's have a look at it."