Just as she had completed her toilet a small steely blue-bottle came and alighted on the leaf beside her. He looked at her in surprise. "What are you doing here on my leaf?" he demanded. Maya was startled. "Is there any objection to a person's just resting here a moment or two?" Maya remembered Cassandra's telling her that the nation of bees commanded great respect in the insect world.

"It's more than you do for the Speaker, Mr. O'Mahony." "Yes, it is; I admit that. But Rachel, though she is inclined to be tyrannical, is not such a downright positive old blue-bottle nincompoop as that white-wigged king of kings. Rachel is bad; but even you can't say that she is bad enough to be Speaker of the House of Commons. My belief is, that he'll come to be locked up yet."

There are well-known flowers which attract insects, not by the possession of the sweet perfumes appreciated and extracted by mankind, but by a smell like that of putrid meat, which so far misleads blue-bottle flies as to cause them to lay their eggs on the reeking blossom.

THE sun came into my room early next morning and woke me up. It was followed immediately by a large blue-bottle which settled down to play with me. We adopted the usual formation, the blue-bottle keeping mostly to the back of the court whilst I waited at the net for a kill. After two sets I decided to change my tactics. I looked up at the ceiling and pretended I wasn't playing.

There was one big reason why Gentleman John wished to get his hands on the Diamond D. Although land was plentiful in that early day, Red's father had obtained a land grant from a Spanish governor a grant that still held good and kept other herds from the rich grazing land and ample water along Blue-bottle Creek.

With a surly buzz he swung himself on to a blade that curved above Maya's leaf, and said in a much politer tone, talking down to her out of the sunshine: "You ought to be working. As a bee you certainly ought. But if you want to rest, all right. I'll wait here." "There are plenty of leaves," observed Maya. "All rented," said the blue-bottle.

They are the only care-free, really happy ones of the world, the only wives without a big, poison, blue-bottle fly in their ointment." "I detest flies!" said the Girl. "So do I," said the doctor. "For this reason I say to you choose the ointment that never had one in it. Take the man who is 'master of his fate, captain of his soul. Stick to the Harvester! He is infinitely the better man!"

On a visit to a nursery at Erfurt I once inspected an experiment with a new double variety of the common blue-bottle or blue corn-flower. The plants were dependent on the weather to a high degree. Bad weather increased the number of poorly filled flower-heads, while warm and sunny days were productive of beautiful double flowers.

But your rory-tory, hurly-burly blue-bottle, is no better than a bully. His head is a humming-top, and his tight blue little body like a tomahawk, cased in glittering steel, which he takes a delight in whirling against your head. I really believe, that to confine a nervous man in a room with one of these winged tormentors, on a July day, would inevitably destroy him in less than an hour.

"I've something to tell you, Ingred," she whispered. "We are to have the election on Friday afternoon, and everybody's saying you'll be chosen warden for the form." "Don't suppose I've the remotest chance!" grunted Ingred gloomily. "Nonsense! Don't be a blue-bottle! Cheery-ho! In my opinion you'll just have an easy walk over."