This, the squire confessed with some little hesitation, was a pheasant pie, though a peacock pie was certainly the most authentical; but there had been such a mortality among the peacocks this season that he could not prevail upon himself to have one killed.* * The peacock was anciently in great demand for stately entertainments.

"Near Albany is perfectly agreeable to me," said Mr. Pyecroft. "And how many are there in our family?" "Just Angelica and me." "Then there really is an authentical Angelica?" "Yes." "Excellent. And our parents?" "They died when I was a child." "I'm grieved, indeed, to learn of it," said Mr. Pyecroft. "But I'll admit it simplifies matters; there's less to remember.

The wonderful and rapid development of the international expositions may be recognized by the following statistics, compiled from the annals of their short history: Unable to obtain the exact figures denoting the number of exhibitors of the Columbian Exposition from any authentical source of information, I introduced into the above table the number of 50,000, mentioned in a newspaper, and therefore not absolutely reliable.

Before describing this venerable codex, it will be well to relate what little is known of its history. In 1624, Cyril Lucar, Patriarch of Constantinople, formally presented it to James I., through his ambassador, Sir Thomas Roe. Paul, which he doth aver it to be authentical, and the greatest relique of the Greek Church."

To what use can those writings serve you, those papers and other procedures contained in the bags and pokes of the law-suitors? To the very same use, quoth Bridlegoose, that they serve your other worships. They are behooveful unto me, and serve my turn in three things very exquisite, requisite, and authentical.

It is here recorded by writing and authentical testimony, partly for memory of things done and partly for the verity to be known to posterity in time to come, that whereas the Most High and Mighty Ivan Vasivilich, Emperor of all Russia, Great Duke of Volidemer, Muscovy and Novogrode, Emperor of Cassan and of Astrachan, Lord of Piskie, and Great Duke of Smolenski, Tverski, Yowgoriski, Permiski, Viatski, Boligarski, and Sibieriski, Emperor and Great Duke of many others, as Novogrode in the Nether Countries, Charnogoski, Rizanski, Volodski, Rezewski, Bielski, Rostoski, Yeraslavski, Bialazarski, Woodarski, Opdorski, Condinski, and many other countries, and lord over all those parts in the year of our Lord God ensuing, the account of the Latin Church, 1556, sent by the sea from the Port of St.

'To the most Honourable Competent Authentical Illustrious Authority and Universal Celebrious Dignity of the very Famous Sculptor.

First Day in New York It is not my purpose in this little volume to make any boast of myself as an historian. The church that holds the undisputable proof as the first authentical apostolic establishment with founder the apostle of the Gentiles himself.

This, the Squire confessed, with some little hesitation, was a pheasant-pie, though a peacock-pie was certainly the most authentical; but there had been such a mortality among the peacocks this season, that he could not prevail upon himself to have one killed.*

In fact, I think it is proper that all the species should be considered as such, and never be made use of, either in medicine or otherwise, without great care in their administration. ACTAEA spicata. BANEBERRY. This plant is also considered as a deadly poison; but we have no authentical accounts of its mischievous effects, although Parkinson has mentioned it in these words: