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"You suspected?" he cried in amazement and chagrin. "I was morally certain that they were here. Today my suspicions were justified. I encountered Mr. Totten in the park beyond the Jungfraublick. He was very much upset, I can assure you, but he recovered with amazing swiftness. We sat on one of the benches in a nice little nook and had a long, long talk. He is a charming man.

Swear youse'll keep mum an' see me through!" "Yes, Nan" Rhoda Gray's eyes smiled reassurance "I swear it. But you will be all right again in the morning." "Will I? You think so, do you? Well, I can only say that I wish I did!" Rhoda Gray leaned sharply forward, staring in amazement at the figure on the bed.

"But " cried Miss Lucretia, in amazement and apprehension, "but what are you going to do?" "I am going to Coniston," said Cynthia, "to ask him if those things are true." "To ask him!" "Yes. If he tells me they are true, then I shall believe them." "If he tells you?" Miss Lucretia gasped. Here was a courage of which she had not reckoned. "Do you think he will tell you?"

"When the book," he says, "had been now the second time set forth well-nigh three months, as I best remember, I then first came to hear that Martin Bucer had written much concerning Divorce: whom earnestly turning over, I soon perceived, but not without amazement, in the same opinion, confirmed with the same reasons, which in that published book, without the help or imitation of any precedent writer, I had laboured out and laid together."

You profess to have a sympathy with the masses, but you do not know them as I do. They cannot control themselves, they require a strong hand. But I am not asking for your sympathy. I have been misunderstood all my life, I have become used to ingratitude, even from my children, and from the rector of the church for which I have done more than any other man." Hodder stared at him in amazement.

She bent over and lifted up his face to hers, and kissed his lips, and then, unable longer to restrain her emotion, she turned and hastened up the stairway, and was lost to sight. For many minutes Ralph stood still, in gratified amazement. It was the first time in all his life, so far as memory served him, that any one had kissed him.

Teddy manifested the most unbounded amazement, and for a while, could say nothing. Then he leaped into the air, struck the sides of his shoes with his fingers, and broke forth: "It was that owld hunter, may purgatory take him!

This hunting-party took place according to announcement; but to the unbounded amazement of the entire suite of the Emperor, just as we were on the point of re-entering our carriages, instead of taking the road to Paris, his Majesty gave orders to proceed to Fontainebleau.

Alas! yes, you take it all as a matter of course. If we would always have your smiles and your disdainful love, we should need the power of God in heaven. Then comes another, a lover, a husband, and steals away your heart." Julie looked in amazement at her father; he walked slowly along, and there was no light in the eyes which he turned upon her.

What can I say for my usurpation?-Yet, faith, my Lord, such a prize was not to be neglected." My shame and confusion were unspeakable. Who could have supposed or foreseen that this man knew Lord Orville? But falsehood is not more unjustifiable than unsafe. Lord Orville-well he might-looked all amazement.