Then there were the book packets and the rolls of music to be examined; but by this time he had lit an after-breakfast cigarette, and was proceeding with something of indifference. Occasionally he strolled about the room, or went to the window and looked down into the roaring highway of Piccadilly, or across to the sunny foliage and pale-blue mists of the Green Park.

John Crewys stood on the walk below the terrace, with Peter by his side, enjoying an after-breakfast smoke, and watching a party of sportsmen climbing up the bracken-clothed slopes of the opposite hillside. A dozen beaters were toiling after the guns, among whom the short and sturdy figure of Colonel Hewel was very plainly to be distinguished. A boy was leading a pony-cart for the game.

It may say itself that I was in no condition to enjoy the after-breakfast cigar burned in the smoking-room of Barton's Pullman, where the wagon salesman's tips, or his good-natured insistence, again made me welcome. Every moment I expected to see the door curtain flung aside to admit the burly figure of William Cummings.

'Father, she said, going behind Captain Palliser's chair, as he smoked his after-breakfast cigar, and read yesterday's Times, 'I want you to read this letter. It is a foolish schoolgirl letter, perhaps; but it will show you that my friends are not going to discard me on account of Miss Pew.

He turned over and surveyed the small plateau. It was empty, except for his horse, making its continuous, hopeless search for grass. David was enjoying his holiday. He lay in bed most of the morning, making the most of his one after-breakfast cigar and surrounded by newspaper and magazines.

"It will be time to face that infernal possibility when I cannot help it. Bless my soul, but the thought of it makes me sea-sick." They breakfasted together, and were smoking their after-breakfast cigars Nevada-like when the church bells began to ring. "When did you attend church last, Browning?" asked Sedgwick. "I have been a good deal remiss in that," was the reply. "Suppose we go.

You've got a head, you have!" "Well," said Johnny, "I figured I'd have to do something; I'm such a rotten shot." We slept late the following morning, and awoke tired, as though we had been on a long journey. "Now," said Johnny, when our after-breakfast pipes had been lit, "we've got to get together.

In reinstating her own meagre possessions in their proper receptacles, which was the girls after-breakfast occupation, she came upon an unfinished silk purse, and this served to bring an end for a time to the restoration of order, while she sat upon the floor in a meditative attitude. Presently she laid it on the bureau with a little sigh and returned to her task.

She observed a sudden stringing of his features. He called to the chief boatman, made his command intelligible to that portly capitano, and went on to Roland, who was puffing his after-breakfast cigarette in conversation with the tolerant English lady. 'You condescend to notice us, Signor Beauchamp, said Roland. 'The vessel is up to some manoeuvre?

And now, if you will excuse me, I will leave Mr Conyers to entertain you, while I go on deck and see how things look." The girl instantly froze again. "I will not inflict myself upon Mr Conyers who is doubtless dying for his after-breakfast smoke," she answered, with a complete return of all her former hauteur of manner. "I have finished breakfast, and shall join Lady O'Brien on deck."